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BIXOLON stands out in the industry as a leading global provider of travel printers and mPOS printers. Offering an array of lightweight, high-speed printing solutions for labels, receipts, and tickets, along with an extensive range of accompanying accessories. BIXOLON’s travel printers enhance efficiency across various applications, from payment processing to invoicing, from queue management to mobile point-of-sale systems, from delivery labelling to parking enforcement, and beyond.

Effortless Printing with Your Preferred Travel Printer

Compact printers are continuously evolving, becoming smaller and lighter while incorporating additional value-added features and accessories. Travel printers provide the flexibility to print invoices, tickets, receipts, and more while on the move. The increase in portable printers and printing technologies in today’s market is helped by the availability of connection options, whether it’s laptops, PDAs, tablets, or smartphones.

The XM7-30 is a premium 3-inch (80 mm) mobile label printer, supporting highly reliable connectivity and print quality. Enabling hassle-free auto pairing with smart devices,
Designed with BIXOLON's proven record within receipt printing technology, the SPP-C200 is a pocket-sized, economic 2-inch (58 mm) mobile printer which supports a media roll
The XM7-40R is a 4-inch (112mm) Mobile RFID label printer with UHF RFID encode and print capabilities. A premium, feature rich portable labelling solution which
Offering premium features and software add-ons, the XM7-20 2-inch (58mm) Liner and Linerless Mobile Label printer provides consistent, quality high volume label printing which is
A premium liner and linerless labelling solution, the XM7-40 is a rugged and industrial 4-inch (112mm) high performance Auto-ID Mobile Label printer supporting value added
The SPP-L3000 is a compact, 3-inch (80 mm) premium level Auto-ID mobile label printer supporting high quality connectivity and labelling. Ideal for a range of

The Advantages of Travel Printers

BIXOLON’s travel printer models offer Bluetooth, WiFi, or wired serial connectivity options. These compact yet strong devices offer flexibility and reliability whether you’re on the move or stationed at a fixed location. These thermal printers produce high-quality black and white prints on 2, 3, and 4-inch receipt, traditional, and linerless label media.

Understanding Travel POS Printers and Their Business Benefits

Like all travel printers, a Travel POS (Point-of-Sale) Printer is a compact and lightweight device that can be easily transported and used to print receipts or other documents at various locations, such as trade shows, outdoor markets, or mobile businesses. It can significantly benefit your business by providing a convenient and efficient way to process transactions on-the-go. With a travel printer, you can swiftly set up a point-of-sale system at remote locations, enabling you to accept payments and issue receipts to customers without being tied down to a fixed setup.

This capability can save you time and enhance your sales potential, as you can serve customers more efficiently in multiple locations. Additionally, a travel printer can contribute to improving your customer experience by offering them a professional and seamless checkout process.

For information on the connectivity compatibility of our printers, check out our blog posts “BIXOLON’s Smart Connection™ Technology” and “BIXOLON Launches MPrint Mobile Printing App for Android™ and iOS™.

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