RFID Printers

RFID Label Printing Technology

BIXOLON’s RFID label printers supports a UHF RFID print-encoding data carrier. These easy to setup general purpose printers offer premium features, high reliability and can boost your business efficiency.

BIXOLON’s industrial grade printing solutions feature UHF RFID printing and encoding capabilities. Incorporating LCD displays which present intuitive menus, alongside simple calibration functions to read rfid label and tag locations. BIXOLON’s RFID range supports extremely close-spaced RFID inlay encoding (minimum pitch of 0.6inch /16mm) to reduce media waste.

The XD5-40tR is a 4-inch (118mm) Thermal Transfer desktop RFID label printer with UHF RFID encode and print capabilities. Featuring a LCD display for easy
The XT5-40NR is a 4-inch (114mm) Thermal Transfer Industrial Label printer with UHF print and encode capabilities. With a 4.3-inch full-colour touch display which enhances
The SLP-TX400R is a robust and powerful RFID print-encoder label printer. Supporting UHF RFID data carrier as well as industry standard 1D and 2D barcode

RFID Labels

Radio frequency identification (RFID) labels also known as smart labels have a microchip and antenna tag embedded into an adhesive label and feature a barcode. Unlike barcode labels that need a direct line of sight to be read, RFID uses wireless technology, however this means the environment in which you use your label should be considered (e.g on metallic surfaces or near liquids etc.)

The tags and labels often contain substantial amounts of electronically stored information. There are two types of RFID solutions, Passive tags (or labels) that collect energy from a close by RFID reader’s radio waves, then also Active tags that have a local power source (e.g a battery) and therefore may operate a read range hundreds of feet from the RFID reader.

These are currently experiencing substantial growth amongst a wide range of applications used by Manufacturing, Logistics, and Healthcare.

High performance, durable customized rfid labeling & printing solutions that offer low to high volume mission critical RFID labelling for a range of applications.

  • What is an RFID printer and how does it work?

    An RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) printer is a specialised printer designed to print and encode RFID tags. RFID technology uses radio waves to communicate between an RFID tag and a reader. Bixolon’s RFID printers can encode information into RFID tags during the printing process, making them an efficient and accurate solution for RFID labelling.

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