Date Published: March 29, 2019

In this changing technological landscape, the marketplace is growing more mobile and the demand to empower workforces with immediate Wi-Fi access for their devices is paramount to ensure seamless workflow and drive productivity for many applications such as Retail, Logistics, Manufacturing and Warehousing. However, networking a printer to a host device for wireless communication has always been a challenge. With simple and intuitive experience you would expect from configuring consumer devices, Bixolon has addressed these issues to offer a tool that can be used to easily set up a printer for a wireless network. 

BIXOLON’s Smart Connection™ Technology

Using the Easy Setup Utility app on Android™ and iOS™ devices, Bixolon printers automatically connect to the same wireless AP as the host device. Available through the Google Play™ and App Store®, the Easy Setup Utility features Smart Connection™ technology enabling BIXOLON users to experience simplified Wi-Fi set up and eliminate the process of changing network settings. The Easy Setup Utility app is compatible with the following BIXOLON mobile printer models: XT5-40SPP-R200IIIplusSPP-R310plusSPP-R410, and SPP-L3000.

How Does the App Work

Requiring only an SSID and Password, the host provides and encrypts this information into UDP format and sends it to the printer. The printer will then be connected to the Wi-Fi network in DHCP mode using the given SSID and Password.

It’s about as simple as that: Just download the app.

• Android™ APP Tutorial 

*Click here for iOS™ APP Tutorial 

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