BIXOLON’s range of customer displays compliment the different variations of POS systems. From traditional POS setups to compact next generation mPOS based systems, BIXOLON’s peripheral customer displays provide stylish display options for your chosen POS operations.

The BCD-2000 is a user friendly, high reliable, Super Twister Nematic LCD Customer display. Presenting up to 4 lines of text, this traditional customer display
The BCD-3000 is a highly reliable, mini Super Twister Nematic LCD Customer Display. Sporting a user-friendly design, up to 2 lines of text, this space
  • What is a customer display in a POS system?

    A customer display, as part of BIXOLON’s range of POS systems, is a digital screen that shows transaction-related information to the customer. These displays vary from traditional setups to modern, compact mPOS systems, providing essential details like retail items, prices, and other transaction data in a stylish and user-friendly format. BIXOLON’s displays, such as the BCD-2000 and BCD-3000, are known for their reliability and ease of use, enhancing customer interaction during checkout​​​​​​.

  • Can customer displays provide information beyond just item prices?

    Yes, BIXOLON’s customer displays are capable of more than just showing prices. These advanced displays can be used to showcase various types of content such as advertisements, promotions, loyalty program details, and other custom messages. This multi-functional feature makes them adaptable to different business needs, allowing for a dynamic interaction with customers beyond just transactional information​​.

  • What is the most popular Bixolon display?

    The BCD-3000 by Bixolon is our most popular display, featuring a compact Super Twister Nematic LCD that is significantly smaller than standard displays. It offers enhanced mono LCD with adjustable brightness, displaying 2 lines of text with flexible alignment, and supports all major operating systems including Android, iOS, and Windows.

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