Linerless Mobile Label

Compact, lightweight dedicated heavy-duty Auto-ID mobile labelling solutions, provide seamless linerless and liner label printing in the field.

Ideal for a range of applications from product labelling, logistics labelling, inventory management, food labelling and more. BIXOLON’s flexible mobility solutions provide reliable, high quality printing from your chosen handheld smart device.

Offering premium features and software add-ons, the XM7-20 2-inch (58mm) Liner and Linerless Mobile Label printer provides consistent, quality high volume label printing which is
A premium liner and linerless labelling solution, the XM7-40 is a rugged and industrial 4-inch (112mm) high performance Auto-ID Mobile Label printer supporting value added
The SPP-L3000 is a compact, 3-inch (80 mm) premium level Auto-ID mobile label printer supporting high quality connectivity and labelling. Ideal for a range of
A mid-range mobile label printer, the SPP-L310 3-inch (80mm) is a compact, feature rich printing solution with accompanying accessories. With multiple connectivity options and accompanying
BIXOLON's wide 4-inch (112mm) mobile label printer, the SPP-L410 is compact, durable labelling solution. Offering high quality connectivity and long battery life, it is the

Linerless Mobile Label Printer

Linerless labels are a pressure-sensitive label with a special release coating applied on the face of the label without a silicon liner. The absence of the silicon liner saves on the cost of extra labour, storage and transportation costs, while reducing industrial waste and carbon emissions.

  • Reduces Downtime
  • Lower Costs
  • Saves Space |Eco-Freindly
  • Who uses a linerless printer?

    Who uses a linerless printer?

    A linerless printer, such as BIXOLON’s XM7-20 and XM7-40 models, is designed to print on linerless labels. These printers offer high-quality, high-volume printing with the advantage of being compact and lightweight. The absence of a silicon liner in the labels reduces waste and carbon emissions, making them a more sustainable choice for businesses focused on eco-friendliness​​​​.

  • Can Bixolon's linerless mobile label printers produce labels that are water-resistant or have durable adhesives for long-term applications?

    Bixolon’s range of linerless mobile label printers, including models like the SPP-L3000, SPP-L310, and SPP-L410, are designed for versatility and high-performance printing. While standard linerless labels may not be inherently water-resistant, Bixolon’s printers are capable of handling a variety of label materials. For specific requirements such as water-resistant or durable adhesive labels, we advise yout to check the compatibility with the particular model you are using​.

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