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Point-of-Sale Ticket Printing

Ticket printers are a type of specialised printer commonly used in various industries such as entertainment, transportation, hospitality, and sports. They are designed to print high-quality, durable tickets quickly and efficiently. BIXOLON’s range of robust desktop and mobile ticket printing solutions are designed to provide reliable, consistent printing, no matter what the application.

Compatible with all major operating systems, BIXOLON’s ticketing solutions fit seamlessly into traditional wired ticketing systems or through Apple iOS™, Android™ and Windows™ Bluetooth / Wi-Fi ticketing applications.

For the ever-changing POS (point-of-sale) market, BIXOLON offers a wide range of 2 and 3 inch POS printers. Our multi-interface Thermal Printers and Dot-Matrix Printers are perfect for all receipt printing and ticketing applications.

Designed with BIXOLON's proven record within receipt printing technology, the SPP-C200 is a pocket-sized, economic 2-inch (58 mm) mobile printer which supports a media roll
B-gate is a 3-inch (80mm) mPOS hub printing solution connecting traditional POS peripherals with tablet-based application. A cost-effective printing solution ideal for a range of
The SRP-E300 is an cost-effective 3-inch (80mm) direct thermal receipt and ticket printer. Offering entry-level features and high print reliability. Its ergonomic design and competitive
The SRP-Q200 is 2-inch (58mm) super compact thermal printing solution with front and top exiting printing configurations. Combining fast print speeds, high reliability and value
The SRP-380 is BIXOLON’s premium, ultra-reliable, next generation 3-inch (80mm) direct thermal POS printer. A feature rich, reliable printing solution producing high quality texts, graphics
The multi-functional SRP-Q300 Series is a 3” (80mm) front-exit ultra-compact receipt and ticket printer with flexible mPOS configuration capabilities. Designed to free up counter space

They meet both Retail and Hospitality customer requirements. They can provide superfast print speeds and excellent reliability. You may need to print receipts at a dining table or print event tickets.

Providing quick and reliable service will keep customers coming back. Providing great POS (point-of-sale) service also keeps customer traffic flowing. We offer intuitive printing solutions for every market.

We offer a range that offers Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and thermal printing capabilities for your point of sale devices.

Advantages of Ticket Printers

Ticket printers offer several advantages for businesses and organisations that need to print tickets on a regular basis. Here are some of the key advantages of using a ticket printer:

  • Speed: Ticket printers are designed to print quickly and efficiently, which is important for businesses that need to process large volumes of tickets in a short amount of time. They are able to produce tickets in seconds, which helps to reduce waiting times for customers.
  • Accuracy: Ticket printers are both accurate and can produce high-quality tickets that are easy to scan and read. This is important for businesses that need to ensure that tickets are valid and can be easily verified.
  • Customisation: Ticket printers can be customised to meet the specific needs of a business. For example, they can print tickets in a range of sizes, colours, and formats, and they can include logos, barcodes, QR codes, or other unique identifiers.
  • Versatility: Ticket printers can be used in a variety of industries and settings, including entertainment, transportation, sports, and hospitality. They can be used to print a wide range of ticket types, including event tickets, boarding passes, parking tickets and more.
  • Cost-effective: Ticket printers are a cost-effective solution for companies that need to print tickets regularly. They are generally more affordable than other printing solutions, and they can help to reduce staff costs by automating the ticket printing process.
  • Which type of printer is used in ticket printing?

    Ticket printing typically relies on specialised thermal printers, and Bixolon excels in this field with its range of ticket printers. These printers utilise direct thermal or thermal transfer printing technology to produce high-quality and durable tickets for various applications.

    Whether it’s for event tickets, transportation passes, parking permits, or entertainment venues, Bixolon ticket printers are designed to deliver reliable and fast ticketing solutions. With advanced features such as compatibility with mobile devices, Bixolon ticket printers are the go-to choice for businesses and organisations seeking efficient and cost-effective ticket printing solutions.

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