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Label Printers are used across all types of industries. From Healthcare to Hospitality, Manufacturing to Retail and predominantly throughout Transport and Logistics. BIXOLON’s range of award-winning desktop label printer and Industrial label printer both offer high-quality, reliable printing technology at competitive price points.

BIXOLON offer a wide range of Direct Thermal Printers, Thermal Transfer Printers, Thermal Label Printers and Linerless intelligent printing devices. These ticket printers, barcode label printers and QR code printers all offer feature-rich, multi interface solutions. Bixolon also have a selection of RFID Printers, Industrial Printers & Desktop Printers which all have their specific advantages and are ideal for labelling applications within Manufacturing, Retail and Warehousing & Logistics markets.

Der XM7-40R ist ein mobiler RFID-Etikettendrucker mit einer Druckbreite von 4 Zoll (112 mm) und Funktionen für UHF-RFID-Codierung und -Druck. Diese umfassend ausgestattete tragbare Etikettierungslösung
The XT3-40 is a premium performance, cost effective, 4-inch (114 mm) industrial label printer. Offering a compact, user-friendly design, supporting multiple media handling choices and
The XD3-40 series is a 4-inch (118mm) Direct Thermal or Thermal Transfer Desktop Barcode and Label Printer featuring a compact design, key industry features and
The XD5-40 series is a 4-inch (118mm) mid-level direct thermal and thermal transfer desktop barcode and label Printer series. Featuring compact, clamshell designs, comprehensive software
The XD5-40tR is a 4-inch (118mm) Thermal Transfer desktop RFID label printer with UHF RFID encode and print capabilities. Featuring a LCD display for easy
The XT5-40NR is a 4-inch (114mm) Thermal Transfer Industrial Label printer with UHF print and encode capabilities. With a 4.3-inch full-colour touch display which enhances
The award winning XT5-40 4-inch (114mm) thermal transfer high performance industrial desktop label printer is ideal for high volume label printing in a variety of
The XQ-840 is a two-in-one stand alone label printing solution, featuring an 8-inch Android tablet embedded on a 4-inch (118mm) direct thermal desktop label and
The XL5-40 is a 4-inch (114mm) desktop direct thermal linerless label printer featuring an ergonomic clamshell design with economical linerless labelling to allow the printing
The SLP-TX400 series is a robust and powerful 4-inch (112mm) thermal transfer or direct thermal printer ideal for verticals such as Government, Transport and Logistics,
The SLP-TX420 is a compact, robust 4-inch (110mm) thermal transfer printer with multiple connectivity options, providing the perfect solution for applications which require a high
The SLP-DX420 is a premium yet compact, 4-inch (110mm) direct thermal label and barcode printer. Offering highly reliable, consistent printing for various types of labels,

Diverse Range of Label Printers

BIXOLON Labelling Printer range includes compact and portable direct thermal printers (for receipts, orders and delivery notes) all the way up to industrial printers, where the labels are built to withstand tough production environments, so you can print high volumes with clear text and barcodes time and again.

Suitable for both working in a home office all the way up to giant industrial warehouses, our address label printers will work for you and your business whatever you need them for. BIXOLON’s range of label printers provides a solution for efficient ecommerce fulfilment to save time producing concise inventory and shipping labels. For more information on BIXOLON’s labelling solutions to improve ecommerce fulfilment, please contact your local BIXOLON sales representative.

All BIXOLON Printers are compatible with popular operating platforms and supported by a sophisticated range of dedicated drivers to provide simple integration into your current system.

BIXOLON’s label solutions are feature packed, high-quality solutions that keep on going. For more information on the differences between the type of Label printers Thermal Direct and Thermal Transfer – visit our Blog post “Use of Label Printers in Business”.

  • What is a label printer, and how does it work?

    A label printer, is a compact device for printing adhesive labels used on products, packages, and shelves. BIXOLON’s label printers utilise direct thermal, thermal transfer and RFID printing technology, applying heat to a specially coated label roll to create text, graphics, and barcodes. This process eliminates the need for ink or toner, making it an efficient method for label printing.

  • Can I use BIXOLON's label printers for asset tracking and inventory management?

    Yes, BIXOLON’s label printers are suitable for asset tracking and inventory management. They are used in transportation and logistics, public sectors, and manufacturing, enabling the creation of durable labels with unique identifiers for efficient asset and inventory management.

  • What is the most popular Bixolon label printer?

    The XD5-40 Series by Bixolon stands as our preferred desktop label printer, featuring models for both Direct Thermal (XD5-40d) and Thermal Transfer (XD5-40t) printing. These printers are ideal for various industries, delivering fast print speeds, high resolution, and compatibility with leading programming languages.

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