Linerless Mobile Receipt Printers

BIXOLON’s award-winning range of mobile receipt printers with linerless labelling functionality are packed with value-added features to suit any application or budget. Suitable for mobile receipt and mobile labelling product mark-ups, transport ticketing, logistics labelling and more. BIXOLON’s mobile receipting solutions are supported by a comprehensive range of accessories which priorities functionality and reliability to provide fast, consistent printing from your chosen smart device.

A super compact, lightweight receipt, ticket and label printer. The SPP-R210 2-inch (58mm) entry level mobile printer provides consistent connectivity for in the field printing
Featuring a compact, rugged, ergonomic design, the high performance SPP-R310 3-inch (72mm) mobile receipt, ticket and label printer is packed with value added features and
Featuring a compact, ergonomic design, a range of features and supporting accessories. The SPP-R200III 2-inch (58mm) lightweight printer offers receipt, ticket and label printing for
The SPP-R410 4-inch (104mm) is a feature and connectivity rich receipt, ticket and label printer. Featuring rugged, ergonomic design, multiple connectivity options and easy integration
  • How much does it cost to print a receipt?

    This cost can vary based on the type of paper and the printing technology used. BIXOLON’s mobile and desktop receipt printers utilise thermal printing technology for durable and clear prints, contributing to cost-effective receipt printing solutions​​.

  • How do I connect my phone to my receipt printer?

    To connect your smartphone or tablet to a Bixolon mobile receipt printer, go to your device’s Bluetooth settings and enable Bluetooth. Start a search for new devices and select your Bixolon printer from the list. Press the ‘Pair’ button on the printer. Once paired, you can start printing receipts directly from your mobile device using Bixolon’s mobile receipt printers.

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