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For the ever-changing POS (point-of-sale) market, BIXOLON offers a wide range of 2 and 3 inch POS printers. Our multi-interface Thermal Receipt Printers and Dot-Matrix Printers are perfect for all receipt and ticketing applications.

They meet both Retail and Hospitality customer requirements. They provide superfast print speeds and excellent reliability. You may need to print at a dining table or print a ticket for an event. Providing quick and reliable service will keep customers coming back. Providing great POS (point-of-sale) service also keeps customer traffic flowing. We offer intuitive printing solutions for every market.

Bixolon Point-of-Sale, POS Printers

We offer a range that offers splash-resistant, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and thermal printing capabilities for your point of sale devices. BIXOLON’s POS printing devices are compatible with all major operating systems. Whether you need Apple iOS™, Android™, Windows™ & Symbian™ our products offer easy setup with smart devices including tablet-based applications and Smart devices. Our products are easy to hold. They measure up to 3 inches to create more ease on the job at hand.

The SRP-350plusV is a premium 3-inch (80 mm) thermal printer supporting fast printing speeds of up to 400 mm/sec at 180 dpi printing resolution. Ideally
The SRP-350V is a 3-inch (80 mm) thermal printer which reduces the TCO with its paper saving functions. It can be used on the table
The SRP-330III is an cost-efficient 3-inch (80 mm) thermal printer that provides high quality receipting and ticketing at 180 or 203 dpi at 250 mm/sec.
A premium linerless label printer with Linerless Pro™ technology and LCD colour display, the SRP-S3000 provides both linerless and liner label printing. A feature rich
A super compact, linerless printing solution, the SRP-S200 is the world’s first 2-inch linerless printer with print speeds of up to 150mm/sec to create 203dpi
The STP-103III is a 2-inch (58mm) thermal printing solution. Producing 80mm/sec print speeds at 203dpi high quality print resolution, this is a super compact, cost-effective
The SRP-S300 is BIXOLON’s high performance, economical 3-inch (80mm) thermal linerless label and receipt printer. Providing high performance printing up to 203dpi to product high
The SRP-275III 3-inch (80mm) Dot Matrix receipt printer offering a high quality, cost-effective two-colour printing solution at speeds up to 5.1lps (at 40 columns). It's
B-gate is a 3-inch (80mm) mPOS hub printing solution connecting traditional POS peripherals with tablet-based application. A cost-effective printing solution ideal for a range of
The SRP-E300 is an cost-effective 3-inch (80mm) direct thermal receipt and ticket printer. Offering entry-level features and high print reliability. Its ergonomic design and competitive
The SRP-Q200 is 2-inch (58mm) super compact thermal printing solution with front and top exiting printing configurations. Combining fast print speeds, high reliability and value
The economic SRP-QE300 is an entry-level printer with USB and Ethernet connectivity. Producing print speeds up to 200mm/sec with a print resolution of 180dpi to

What is a POS Printer?

Point of sale printers are as the name suggests, used at the point of sale for printing out receipts. These are found in many everyday situations such as large supermarkets to small local shops, dining out in cafes and restaurants, staying in hotels etc. In all these situations, we expect these printers to be both reliable and fast, as generally these will be the last point of call when interacting with the other business. A customer expects POS printers to be working at all times, as a business you can’t afford to be without a reliable POS printer.

A Portable POS Printer is a must-have for businesses looking to enhance their point-of-sale capabilities. With its compact and lightweight design, this printer is the perfect solution for businesses that require mobility and flexibility in their printing needs. Whether it’s for printing at trade shows, outdoor markets, or for mobile businesses, the Portable POS Printer offers an easy and efficient way to process transactions on-the-go.
By setting up a point-of-sale system at remote locations, businesses can now accept payments and provide receipts to customers without the limitations of a stationary setup. This results in faster service and increased sales potential, as well as an improved customer experience with a professional and efficient checkout process. Invest in a Portable POS Printer and take your business’s point-of-sale capabilities to the next level.

What are the features of a POS Printer?

Not only do these printers need to be fast and efficient, they also need to have be able to print specialist content such as images (for instance logos) and barcodes, for which you cannot have any defective print quality as it could be necessary for the customer to reference in the future.

Our POS printers are robust for all environments ideal for Retail, Hospitality and Banking. The paper capacity is excellent and easy to change for accommodating a large number of receipts.

With excellent SDK’s (Software Development Kits) available, all current BIXOLON mPOS solutions support Apple™ (with MFI Certification), Android™ and Windows™ platforms via cable, Bluetooth or WiFi. Invest in the best Portable POS Printers with BIXOLON’s mobile POS printing range provides simple connectivity to Tablets, Smartphones or any Smart Handheld devices.

  • What does POS printer mean?

    POS printer stands for Point of Sale printer. It is a specialised type of printer commonly used in retail and hospitality environments at the “point of sale”, such as cash registers or checkout counters. POS printers are designed to print receipts, invoices, tickets, and other transaction-related documents quickly and efficiently.

    POS printers often use thermal printing technology, which relies on heat to create images on thermal paper. This method eliminates the need for ink or toner, resulting in low maintenance and cost-effective printing. These printers are compact and durable, capable of withstanding the demands of high-volume printing in busy retail environments.

    POS printers are typically connected to a computer, cash register, or POS system via USB, Ethernet, or other interfaces for seamless integration. They support various print formats, including text, graphics, and barcodes, ensuring accurate and professional-looking receipts. Some advanced POS printers may include additional features like auto-cutters for easy receipt separation and wireless connectivity for greater flexibility in setup.

  • Why do you need a POS Printer?

    A POS printer is a necessary tool in various business areas, including retail, restaurants and hotels. Its primary purpose is to efficiently print receipts for customers, providing a record of transactions such as items purchased, prices, and payment information. This helps with accounting, customer service, and compliance with legal requirements. By printing itemised receipts at the “point of sale”, businesses can streamline transactions, reduce waiting times, and enhance customer satisfaction.

    Additionally, POS printers play a vital role in inventory management. They can print labels, tags, or barcodes that assist in tracking and managing stock levels, conducting inventory audits, and help with efficient replenishment processes. POS printers often integrate seamlessly with POS systems or cash registers, enabling automatic receipt printing and minimising errors in transaction processing. They can also generate sales reports and summaries, enabling businesses to analyse sales data, identify trends, and make informed decisions about pricing, promotions, and inventory management.

  • What is the most popular Bixolon POS printer?

    The SRP-350plusV by Bixolon is our most popular choice for POS printing, offering exceptional speeds of up to 300 mm/sec and versatile connectivity options including USB, Serial, Ethernet, and Bluetooth. Designed for retail and hospitality, it ensures high-quality prints and efficient paper usage.

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