Linerless Desktop Label

BIXOLON’s Direct Thermal desktop exclusive permanent adhesive linerless label printers are packed with value added features to allow the printing and cutting of various label lengths. These highly reliable printing solutions, offer high quality text, barcode, QR code, logo labelling for a range of applications from logistics shipment labelling, to retail price tagging, food labelling and more.

The XL5-40 is a 4-inch (114mm) desktop direct thermal linerless label printer featuring an ergonomic clamshell design with economical linerless labelling to allow the printing
  • Can Bixolon's linerless desktop label printers be integrated with existing systems and software?

    Yes, Bixolon’s desktop label printers are designed for easy integration with existing systems and software. They often support standard printer languages and come with compatible drivers for seamless integration.

  • Can Bixolon's linerless desktop label printers be used for printing labels with variable data, such as serial numbers or expiration dates?

    Yes, Bixolon’s desktop label printers can handle variable data printing, allowing businesses to print labels with unique information such as serial numbers, expiration dates, or batch codes.

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