Robust Tablet Stand

Steel tablet stand for SRP-Q300H and BCD-3000
Product Number: RTS-Q300

Built-in SMPS

Printer base to integrate power supply unit
Product Number: RSB-350

Vertical Printer Stand

Vertical desk stand
Product Number: RVS-350

Wall Mount

Wall mounting bracket
Product Number: RWM-350/STD (SRP-350plusIII, SRP-350III), RWM-275/STD (SRP-275III),

Splash Cover

Splash proof cover from dust and liquid
Product Number: RSC-350plusV2


Audio and Visual indicator for BIXOLON desktop printers
Product Number: RMB-100


BIXOLON POS receipt printers are fitted with a print alarm buzzer to notify users in a noisy environment
Product Number: RBC-100

Ribbon Cartridge

BIXOLON Ribbon cartridges for impact printers.
Product Number: RRC-201B – Black, RRC-201B/R – Red & Black

Parallel Cable

D-SUB 25P(M) - 36(M), 1.8m Parallel Cable
Product Number: PAR-KAB-180

Powered USB Cable

Powered A-B USB Y cable (1.2/4.8m) Powered USB (0.5/1.2m)
Product Number: K604-00252A (4.8m, USB-B), K604-00252B (2m, USB-B)

USB Cable

USB A-B/A-A 2m, 3m, 5m Cable
Product Number: USB-KAB-G, USB-KAB-G-3, USB-KAB-G-5

Serial Cable

Serial Cable (25-9pin)
Product Number: SER-KAB-9-25

Serial Cable

D-SUB 9P(M) - D-SUB 9P(M) Serial Cable, 1.8m
Product Number: SER-KAB-9-9

Battery Pack

Mobile printer battery pack
Product Number: PBP-R200/STD (SPP-R200III/210), PBP-R300/STD (SPP-R310/L310/R410/L3000)

Battery Pack_V2 (with outer contact)

Mobile printer battery pack with outer contacts:
Product Number: PBP-R200_V2

Single Battery Cradle

Lithium-ion single BIXOLON battery charger cradle (2.5 hour charge time – SPP-R200II)
Product Number: PBD-R200II/STD (SPP-R200III/210), PBD-R300/STD (SPP-R310/L310/R410/L3000)

Single Docking Cradle

Single docking cradle for BIXOLON mobile printer
Product Number: PSD-R210/STD (SPP-R210), PSD-R200III/STD (SPP-R200III)

Quad Battery Charger

Quad BIXOLON mobile printer battery charger (wall-mounting available)
Product Number: PQC-R200/STD (SPP-R200III/210), PQC-R300/STD (SPP-R310/L310/R410/L3000)

Quad Docking Cradle

Quad cradle for BIXOLON mobile printers
Product Number: PQD-R200II/STD (SPP-R200III), PQD-R210/STD

Vehicle Charger

Vehicle mobile charger (12V DC)
Product Number: PCC-1000/STD

Belt Clip

Secure belt clip for hands-free convenience
Product Number: PBL-R200III/STD (SPP-R200III)

Belt Strap

Mobile belt strap (loop) for secure hands-free convenience
Product Number: PBS-R2000/STD (R210/R200III/R310/L310/R410) PBS-2000/STD (SPP-L3000)

Leather Case

Mobile Printer Leather case
Product Number: PLC-R210/STD (SPP-R210), PLC-R200/STD (SPP-R200III), PLC-R310/STD (SPP-R310/L310), PLC-R410/STD (SPP-R410/L410), PLC-L3000/STD

Protective Leather Case

Mobile Printer IP Rated protective leather case
Product Number: PPC-R210/STD (SPP-R210), PPC-R200/STD (SPP-R200III), PPC-R300/STD (SPP-R310/L310)

Shoulder Strap

Mobile printer shoulder strap (only for use with a BIXOLON leather case)
Product Number: PSS-R200/STD (R210/R200III/R310/L310/R410/L410/L3000)

Vehicle Holding Cradle

Suction mounted holding solution
Product Number: PVH-R210/STD (SPP-R210), PVH-R200/STD (SPP-R200III), PVH-R310/STD (SPP-R310/SPP-L310), PVH-R410/STD (SPP-R410/SPP-L410), PVH-L3000/STD (SPP-L3000)

Ram Mount Vehicle Holder

Secure and rugged ram mount holding solutions for Mobile Printers
Product Number: PVH-R310R/STD (SPP-R310/L310), PVH-R410R/STD (SPP-R410/L410), PVH-L3001/STD (SPP-L3000)

Detachable Media Holder

Detachable Media Holder
Product Number: PPH-L310/STD

Serial Cable

Serial cable for Mobile printers
Product Number: PIC-R300S/STD

USB Cable

USB cable for Mobile printers
Product Number: PIC-R300U/STD

External Label Holder

External paper holder
Product Number: LES-400G

Holder Ribbon

1-inch inner Ribbon Holder
Product Number: KM04-00033A

USB Cable for Label Printers

USB A to B 1.8m Cable
Product Number: USB-KAB-G

Serial Cable for Label Printers

D-SUB 9P(F) - 9P(M), 1.8m Serial Cable
Product Number: SER-KAB-9-9

Parallel Cable for Label Printers

D-SUB 25P(M) - 36(M), 1.8m Parallel Cable
Product Number: PAR-KAB-180