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An impact POS printer is a type of printer commonly used in point-of-sale (POS) systems, particularly in environments where durability and reliability are crucial.

Dot-matrix printers are known for their robust construction, making them suitable for use in rugged environments such as warehouses, industrial settings and restaurant kitchen printers. They can withstand high temperatures, humidity, and other challenging conditions.

On the whole, these dot-matrix printers tend to be more cost-effective compared to other types of printers. They have lower upfront costs, and the replacement ribbons are generally less expensive than ink cartridges or toners used in inkjet or laser printers.

The SRP-275III 3-inch (80mm) Dot Matrix receipt printer offering a high quality, cost-effective two-colour printing solution at speeds up to 5.1lps (at 40 columns). It's

Bixolon kitchen printer

Ideal for kitchen environments where temperature and moisture can be an issue, BIXOLON’s high speed, optional two colour, dot-matrix impact printers offer high quality printing in the harshest of environments. Compatible with a number of POS accessories, BIXOLON printers offer high performance, reliable printing.

  • What is an Impact POS printer, and how does it work?

    An Impact POS printer, uses impact printing technology where a printhead with pins strikes an inked ribbon against paper, creating text and images. This method, different from thermal printing, is ideal in environments needing durable and resilient printers, such as industrial areas and kitchens. These printers are robust, handling tough conditions well, and are cost-effective, making them a reliable choice for consistent, high-quality printing.

  • Can BIXOLON's Impact POS printers handle high-volume printing?

    Yes, BIXOLON’s Impact POS printers are designed for high-volume printing environments, making them ideal for businesses with significant transaction loads.

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