Hospitality EPOS Connectivity

Hospitality EPOS systems provide businesses with the tools to monitor and control a range of environments from restaurants and bars, to pop-up events. Choosing the right EPOS system for your hospitality business can be an overwhelming task especially if you are looking to move towards Mobile Tablet or Smart Device based software platforms due to flexibility. As technology advances, connectivity has become more crucial for successful EPOS systems.

BIXOLON have put together five pointers that you may need to consider when purchasing a new Mobile EPOS (mPOS) System for your Hospitality business:

  • Device connection – When selecting a mobile device the Hospitaliers need to decide how it is going to be connected to the host. Cabled LAN connectivity was always the norm with Wi-Fi being a trusted if not a more expensive means of achieving the same but recent advances in Bluetooth technologies have not only improved reliability but also increased the usable range.
  • Secure login – a secure means of logging in to the system is essential to both employer and employee alike and is integral to the success of the mPOS solution as it provides the accountability that merits the system expense. Simplicity and cost have ultimately led users to rugged and durable devices such as the waterproof Dallas Reader which provides each member of staff with their own unique numerical login and if lost can be easily and quickly replaced – security is maximised as no two keys are the same.
  • Speed of Delivery – technology can be used to speed up the order delivery process – with the right connectivity drinks orders can be sent directly to the IP rated bar thermal and food orders directly to the heat resistant dot matrix kitchen printers ensuring that the customer receives exactly what they have ordered and in a timely manner. With mobile tablet based mPOS that connectivity requires devices like the Bixolon intelligent hub to provide the missing links.
  • Greater Reach – for Alfresco dining the ability to take orders at the table can save the members of staff time by not having to return to a central point each time. The Alfresco dining experience can be further improved by printing receipts at the table when asked – this can be achieved very simply through the use of a belt mounted printer. The latest 80mm mobile printers are small, light and rugged and print the same receipt as conventional desktop printers.
  • Multiple device hosting – multiple device host – full hospitality process achieved by lay away split till / multiple activity requirements.

The BIXOLON SRP-Q300H is the only device on the market today that can offer a solution to these five points. It provides ease of connectivity and flexibility helping to create the perfect hospitality mPOS solution. Featuring an intelligent hub (B-gate), connecting the Tablet to a host of USB peripheral devices (Dallas reader, Bar and Kitchen Printers, Customer Display, etc.) via Bluetooth whilst also providing a single charging port. Printing receipts or online orders through a native, web and cloud-based mPOS application with B-gate SDK’s (Software Development Kits). Pairing the printer with its new LCD customer Display (BCD-3000) and a robust steel tablet stand which safely secures up to a 10inch tablet using a locking mechanism to provide a complete the solution.

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