Become a BIXOLON Unite Partner

The BIXOLON Unite Partner Programme is designed to provide the sales and technical support that you require to develop your BIXOLON printer sales. providing you with:


BIXOLON values its partners and its individual relationships. Believing every partner has made an investment into the BIXOLON brand and strives to provide security and return on that investment.


BIXOLON stays connected with you every step of the way, providing comprehensive sales and technical support as and when required.


BIXOLON rewards your investment in the relationship with strong financial benefits focused on recognising your collaboration with BIXOLON.

The BIXOLON Unite Partner Programme is reserved for the VAR (Value Added Resellers) and the Software Integrator community with a clear specialisation in the mobility and traceability sector or any other field activity where desktop label printing is required.

As a BIXOLON Unite Partner you will benefit from:

Personalised Support

Continuous BIXOLON sales, technical training and updates to its exclusive program partners. BIXOLON’s Sales and Technical teams can provide comprehensive partner support and advice for project tender product selection.


All leads received by BIXOLON directly and through events are carefully evaluated and re-directed to the corresponding Partner.

Unique Price Concessions

Dependent on the size of the project and its competitive environment, unique price concessions can be discussed and granted to the Partner on a case-by-case basis. Non BIXOLON Unite Partners will not have access to this pricing strategy.

Exclusive Technical Assistance

BIXOLON Unite Partners will enjoy priority technical assistance, including direct email access to the BIXOLON Europe Technical team.

BIXOLON Unite Partner Obligations

Initial Demo Order

The agreement will be valid once it is signed by both partners and the partner’s initial demo order has been acknowledged by a BIXOLON approved distributor.

Yearly Commitment

The Partner is committed to purchasing a minimum number of BIXOLON label printers per year (including demo unit purchases).

BIXOLON Authorised Reseller Logo

The use of BIXOLON’s ‘Unite Partner’ logo is limited to approved partners only.

Cancellation / Modification Policy

BIXOLON reserves the right to modify, amend or cancel the content of its Unite Partner Program at any time without prior notice.

Become a BIXOLON Unite Partner

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