Maximising Convenience: Why Self-Service Kiosk Printing Matters

In today’s fast-paced retail landscape, efficiency and convenience reigns supreme. As consumers, we are accustomed to streamlined experiences which empowers us to take control of our shopping journeys. Self-service kiosks have revolutionised the way we interact with stores, offering a myriad of services at the consumer’s fingertips. From checking inventory and browsing product catalogues to processing transactions, self-service kiosks have become integral to enhancing customer satisfaction and optimising operational efficiency. However, amidst this technological evolution, the role of kiosk printers is particularly crucial. In an era where we require everything immediately, the ability to access printing services on demand directly from a retail kiosk is a game-changer.

Reliability and Versatility

In the realm of self-service kiosks, reliability and versatility are not just desirable traits – they are necessities.

A kiosk printer must operate seamlessly within the confines of a self-contained kiosk system, where it serves are a critical component facilitating various transactions and services. Customers expect consistent performance when utilising self-service kiosks, from the transaction through to printout. A reliable kiosk printer ensures that these tasks are completed efficiency, thereby maintaining trust and confidence with its users. While also minimising downtime and maintenance requirements, enabling retailers to maximise uptime and deliver uninterrupted services.

Versatility is equally essential, as it underscores the adaptability of a kiosk printer to cater to diverse printing needs. In a retail environment, where the types of documents or materials requiring printing can range from receipts, labels, coupons or promotional materials.

Self-service kiosks are often custom made, varying in shape and size. When mounting a kiosk printer within these self-service systems, the synergy between reliability and versatility is paramount. A robust, dependable printer whether it be open frame, or a packaged printer offers flexible printing capabilities when paired with accessories such as a bezel and presenter; to ensure the smooth and seamless experience for both customers retrieving the receipt or ticket and retailers alike, driving satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Explore BIXOLON’s Open Frame Kiosk Range

BIXOLON provides a range of open frame, next generation receipt, ticket and label kiosk printing mechanisms which are designed for standalone self-service kiosk installations. Offering a range of low-profile kiosk mechanisms with flexible mounting options, paired with BIXOLON’s guaranteed quality to provide a range of mechanism options which are ideal for traditional or slim-line kiosk setups.

BK5-31– 3-inch (80mm) label and ticket kiosk mechanism

  • Print speeds of up to 150mm/sec at 203dpi
  • Compatible with ticket, label and wristband media
  • Supporting media with a thickness of up to 0.20mm for ticket printing
  • Reliable operation across a wide range of temperatures

BK3-31 – 3-inch (83mm) receipt kiosk mechanism


      • Fast print speeds of up to 250mm/sec at 203 dpi

      • Resistance in harsh environments for long term reliable operations

      • Supporting selectable media widths: 83 / 80 / 60 / 58 / 20 mm

      • Diverse drivers and SDKs for major operating systems including Android, Windows and Linux

    For more information on BIXOLON’s kiosk printing range, visit our kiosk printer page or contact your local BIXOLON sales representative.

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