3-inch (up to 80mm) open frame kiosk printing mechanism

A compact, flexible and highly reliable 3-inch (up to 80mm) open frame kiosk printing mechanism. Designed for standalone self-service kiosk installations, the BK3-31 direct thermal printer operates at print speeds up to 250mm per second with 203dpi resolution to produce high quality text, graphics and barcodes. Presenting a larger paper roll capacity than traditional packaged kiosk printers, the BK3-31 support media roll diameters of 80 / 102 / 120mm and various media widths of 83 / 80 / 60 / 58 / 20mm for a range of printing applications from wider lottery ticketing to narrow token printing. The kiosk printer also provides a paper saving mode through BIXOLON’s simple Unified Utility reducing paper wastage resulting in paper savings up to 25% and decreased CO2 emissions.

With compact, lightweight design the BK3-31 kiosk printer supports a range of kiosk mounting options to provide design flexibility for the kiosk builder. With seamless paper feeding with additional roller-tension, multi-position near end sensor for easy monitoring of the paper, removable bezels and an adjustable media width frame the printing mechanism can be personalised for a range of kiosk designs. The kiosk printing mechanism also has a USB V2.0 and Serial (9 pin male or 5 pin connector) with a DC Jack or 2 pin power connector connectivity as standard.

Supported by BIXOLON’s wide range of drivers, utilities and SDKs, the BK3-31 is compatible with Windows® major OS system and OPOS-based systems from Android™, Windows® and Linux™ for smart based devices. Supporting by an industry leading 2 year warranty as standard.

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Ensuring Productivity and Reducing TCO

– Fast speed up to 250mm per second at 203dpi
– Resistance in harsh environment for long term
reliable operation
– Supporting selectable media widths : 83 / 80 / 60 / 58 / 20 mm
– Diverse drivers and SDKs for major operating
systems including Android, Windows, and Linux
– Reducing paper usage up to 25% resulting in
less wasted and lower CO2 emission

Compact and User-Centered Design

– Large paper roll capacity
: Media roll diameter of 80 / 102 / 120 mm
– The compact and lightweight to
fit perfectly into compact kiosk spaces
– Power switch and reset button available on both
sides of the printer making it easy to reboot
– Smooth and seamless paper feeding with
additional roller-tension

Flexibility for Wide-Ranging Requirements

– Diverse interface offering a variety of ways to connect
USB(V2.0 Full Speed) + Serial(9P-Male, Connector type)
– Removable bezels to be tailored for different designs of kiosks
– Multi-position near end sensor for efficiently monitoring status of paper and media width frame adjustable by hand”


Print Characteristics
Print MethodDirect Thermal
Print SpeedUp to 250mm/s
Print Resolution203dpi
Print Width"BK3-31: 72 / 54 / 48 / 12 mmBK3-21: 54 / 48 / 12 mm"
SensorPaper End, Cover Open, Near End, Black Mark
Media Characteristics
Media TypeReceipt
Media Width"BK3-31: 83 / 80 / 60 / 58 / 20 mmBK3-21: 60 / 58 / 20 mm"
Media Roll DiameterUp to 120 mm
Media Thickness0.05 ~ 0.12 mm
Supply MethodEasy Paper Loading
Physical Characteristics
"Dimensions(WxDxH)""BK3-31: Media Roll Diameter Φ80: 130 x 130 x 91Media Roll Diameter Φ102: 130 x 147 x 99Media Roll Diameter Φ120: 130 x 143 x 105BK3-21: Media Roll Diameter Φ80: 109 x 130 x 91Media Roll Diameter Φ102: 109 x 137 x 99Media Roll Diameter Φ120: 109 x 144 x 105"
Weight"BK3-31: 700 gBK3-21: 600 g"
Electrical100-240V AV, 50/60Hz
Lever Direction"BK3-31: Left / RightBK3-21: Right"
Mount DirectionHorizontal / Vertical
Performance Characteristics
NV Image Memory256 Kbytes (Mono)
Receive Buffer64 Kbytes
User Define Buffer12 Kbytes
Interface"Standard: USB (V2.0 Full Speed) + Serial Optional: USB (V2.0 Full Speed) + Serial + Ethernet (BK3-31 only)"
Connector TypeDC-Jack or 2P Connector
"BK3-31: USB B or 4P ConnectorBK3-21: USB B(Default)"
9P Male or 5P Connector
Environment Characteristics
Temperature"Operating: -20~60℃ (-4~140℉) ※ Optimal printing performances and maximum reliability will be obtained between 0 and 40°CStorage: -20~60℃ (-4~140℉)"
Humidity"Operating: 10~95% (non-condensing)Storage: 10~95% (non-condensing) excluding paper"
Thermal Print Head (TPH)100 km
Auto Cutter1.5 Million Cuts
EmulationBXL / POS
Driver/UtilityWindows Driver, OPOS Driver, Linux / Mac CUPS Driver, Utility Program
SDK/PluginAndroid SDK, Windows SDK, Linux SDK
Character Size"Font A: 12×24 Font B: 9×17 Font C: 9×24KOR, CHN, JPN: 24x24"
Characters Per Line"Print width 72mm : Font A: 48 Font B, C: 64, KOR, CHN, JPN: 24 (BK3-31 only)Print width 54mm : Font A: 36 Font B, C: 48, KOR, CHN, JPN: 18Print width 48mm : Font A: 32 Font B, C: 42, KOR, CHN, JPN: 16Print width 12mm : Font A: 8 Font B, C: 10, KOR, CHN, JPN: 4"
Character Sets"Alphanumeric: 95Extended Graphics:128×35 pageInternational: 32"
GraphicsSupporting user-defined fonts, graphics, formats and logos
Barcode Symbologies"1D: Coda Bar, Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, EAN-8, EAN-13, ITF, UPC-A, UPC-E 2D: Data Matrix, GS1-128, GS1 DataBar Stacked / Omnidirectional / Truncated / Limited / Expanded, PDF417, QR code"
Bezel Type"BK3-31: Non-Bezel / Standard-Bezel(4 types) / LED-Bezel(Green)BK3-21: Non-Bezel / Standard-Bezel(4 types)"
Bezel Media Width"BK3-31: 83 / 80 / 60 / 58 / 20 mmBK3-21: 60 / 58 / 20 mm"
Bezel Media Thickness0.05 ~ 0.12 mm
"Presenter(BK3-31 only, LED-Bezel default)"
Paper Stock DirectionUpper
Media Width80 mm
Media Thickness0.05 ~ 0.10 mm
Media Length50 ~ 250 mm
Media Core Outer DiameterΦ31.4(Min)
Ejection Speed250mm/s(Max)
Optional"SMPS (DC Jack)SMPS (2P Connector) Male to Male type Serial Cable5P to Male type Serial CableUSB A-B Cable 1.8mPower Cord"


Industry Transport and Logistics

Public Transporation


Patient Verification


Instore Operations


Food & Beverage

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