Printing in Chilled and Cold Conditions

Printing in Chilled and Cold Conditions

Technology use is developing at a pace and the use of mobility is driving change in many vertical markets. A growing mobile workforce means printing at the point of picking, packing, identification or dispatch is accessible to all corners of the warehouse or every doorstep in town. However, how can you be sure that your print quality is maintained across a range of temperatures?

 The operation of thermal printers in conditions with less than ambient temperatures will often result in poor, illegible print output if any at all. There are an increasing number of companies in the postal, medical, retail and pharmaceutical sectors looking for more effective labelling solutions in cold conditions. Traditional operating procedures – printing in one place and labelling elsewhere, mean that processes cannot be improved. This is counterintuitive to what is actually happening in many verticals.

 The refrigerated production, storage and distribution of foods and medicines is experiencing growth and this is resulting in investment in this sector. Some of this is due to our changing consumer habits and our wish for fresher foods faster, plus we are witnessing improving legislation to make our foods and medicines safer. Whilst sensors, data, networking and AI might be components parts of these temperature-controlled supply chains it is still in many cases the humble barcode that instigates this activity. Therefore, having the ability to print a quality barcode at source is paramount.

 Unseasonal weather conditions or longer, more inclement winters are also a consideration when addressing the printing needs for a workforce operating outside in chilled and cold conditions. Workers in many verticals, including Agriculture, Forestry, Parking Management, Policing, Scene of Crime and Postal, have a need to output a variety of different print formats – identification or asset labels, receipts or notifications, which are expected to be available on-demand.

 BIXOLON’s award winning design of mobile printers have proven cold temperature operation.

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If you have any questions about developing your mobile solution, then please talk to your local BIXOLON Sales Representative, so they can guide you to the right printer choice.

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