Labelling Solutions for eCommerce Fulfilment

Over the years, ecommerce has evolved to meet customer’s needs and this past year proved to be no different. The pandemic changed lifestyles and forced a shift in consumer spending habits. Businesses worldwide have been forced to invest more in their existing ecommerce channels or enter online for the first time.

Demand for ecommerce options such as buying online, click and collect in-store or at the curb-side, are expected to stay. Global online sales are expected to total $4.9 trillion in 2021 and are anticipated to grow over the next few years to $6.4 trillion by 2024 according to eMarketer*. As we look to a post pandemic world, now more than ever, merchants focused on their online operations to accommodate shifting shopping behaviours have the potential to set themselves apart from the competition and exceed consumer expectations.

Meet Customers’ Expectations

Shopping online has amplified consumers expectations of convenience and immediacy. Around the world, businesses are prioritising fulfilment to fight rising costs and meet consumer expectations. Merchants should consider adopting barcode labelling technology to improve their fulfilment strategy.

Barcode labelling technology at fulfilment centres is essential in helping identify valuable order information, reducing errors and improving inventory management. Enabling easy tracking of products from receipt to delivery.

Label Printers for Efficient eCommerce Fulfilment

BIXOLON’s range of label printers provides a solution for efficient ecommerce fulfilment to save time producing concise inventory and shipping labels. For example, a merchant receives an order placed by the customer and staff assorts the ordered items in boxes using a digital assorting system (DAS) picking solution. BIXOLON’s XQ-840 Android tablet-mounted 4-inch desktop label printer enables staff to print an internal label and read the barcodes through the scanner connected to the printer. The items can then be checked to ensure they match the customer’s original order list on the web system. BIXOLON’s XT5-40 4-inch industrial label printer and the SLP-DL410 4-inch direct thermal label printer allows staff to produce final shipping labels for the correctly packaged orders.

Discover BIXOLON’s cost effective Linerless label printers without sacrificing product quality. Linerless label printers, such as the XL5-40, are a cost efficient, flexible, and on demand labelling solution offering a range of adhesive strengths. Providing up to 40% more labels per roll, Linerless labels are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional media. The silicon backed liner helps create a zero-waste environment by removing the requirement of silicon backing paper – cutting storage and transportation expenses while reducing downtime for ecommerce fulfilment teams.

For more information on BIXOLON’s labelling solutions to improve ecommerce fulfilment, please contact your local BIXOLON sales representative.


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