BIXOLON Partners with Iceni Event Solutions to Improve Event Registration and Badge Solutions

BIXOLON Europe GmbH, a subsidiary of BIXOLON, the global manufacturer of advanced receipt, label and mobile printers, has partnered with Iceni Event Solutions, a leading technology company specialising in event registration solutions. The collaboration marks a significant advancement in event ticketing and registration for Iceni and the customers it supports in the events industry. Iceni has purchased a fleet of BIXOLON’s XD5-43tEK desktop Thermal Transfer Label Printers to scale and support its event registration solutions. Each machine allows Iceni’s customers to scan and print around 350 visitor tickets per hour at peak times during events – all of which enhances the attendee/visitor check-in experience.

Managing Data and Rapid Printing is Essential

Iceni Event Solutions is a UK-based technology company that caters to a diverse range of events: from high-profile exhibitions to corporate conferences, it offers comprehensive registration services worldwide. Iceni worked together with Global Auto ID LTD and BIXOLON to develop an integrated partnership that would suit its needs and deliver a high-quality, frictionless registration experience for event organisers and attendees alike.

Iceni was looking for new printers that would be more attractive to use in front-of-house situations at events, and which would be able to manage high volume printing quickly and efficiently during peak periods.

With BIXOLON’s printing solutions in place, Iceni confidently produces reliable, scuff-resistant labels and badges for any event, ensuring legibility even after multiple barcode scans.

Enhancing Front of House Operations

Following a rigorous selection process, Iceni opted for the BIXOLON XD5-43tEK 4-inch Thermal Transfer Desktop Label Printer. It selected this printer for its compact design and ability to print fanfold media. Paired with a large-capacity thermal transfer ribbon, the printer delivers 300dpi printouts that are scuff-resistant and durable, meeting the demands of various events.

With support and advice from Global Auto-ID LTD during the procurement process, Iceni seamlessly integrated the printers with its existing in-house ticketing software and cloud server. The addition of the BIXOLON printers means that the existing event registration and badging solution which enables event attendees to effortlessly scan their unique QR codes, or input their IDs via an event touchscreen; provides swift registration and issuance of pre-designed tickets within seconds, supporting a fast and frictionless experience.

Hassle Free Registration for Event Attendees

BIXOLON’s XD5-43tEK 4-inch Thermal Transfer Desktop Label Printer supports a ribbon length of 300m, significantly reduces downtime, and ensures uninterrupted printing during critical times too. The fleet of printers that Inceni has available now can print up to 5700 visitor tickets per hour at peak times. They provide a fast and efficient solution for the events industry and can be connected to touchscreens and barcode scanners with ease.  Additionally, BIXOLON’s printers offer improved printing throughput, a smaller physical footprint, and less downtime, all of which has helped Inceni to improve its front of house operations at events for clients.

Nicky Hale, Director of Iceni Event Solutions, commented on the success of the partnership, stating: “These printers provide an easily scalable solution with simple setup, quickly enabling us to add and remove scanning and printing stations depending on the volume of expected footfall. Although there will always be pinch points such as access to screens and scanners to read QR codes, the speed of printing using these printers is never a problem.”

Jay Kim, Managing Director, BIXOLON Europe GmbH said: “Our partnership with Iceni addresses the unique challenges that many event organisers face when managing event registrations and printing badges. We enable them to print badges and other material rapidly and reliably.  Furthermore, our joint solutions support Iceni and enable them to seamlessly orchestrate events of any scale, providing attendees with a great experience. We are proud to drive innovation in this industry and to see the efficiencies that Iceni is achieving.”

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