Label Printers for Food Prep Labelling

Take the guesswork out of handwritten, illegible food labels. Food labels provide critical information about food items at a variety of stages in the supply chain; when it arrives, is being prepped, and in front of the consumer. Food service operators that integrate an automated labelling system into their workflow gain an assortment of benefits to keep business efficiently running and customers safe.


Food prep labels for restaurants and convenience store kitchens have long been a manual and time-consuming process. However, with an automated food prep label system, the work is done for you. Relevant data from the label system is sent to a BIXOLON label printer and labels are printed on-demand with the accurate nutrition, ingredient, or safety information.


An automated food prep labelling system provides:


  • Increased labor efficiency – quickly identify foods to easily track the freshness of items rather than having to guess what food is where.
  • Decreased human error – automatically calculate ‘Best By’ dates to ensure food is past its prime. Consistent labels provide staff clear information no matter who is handling the food prepping.
  • Enhanced customer safety – accurately labelled food items promote safe handling and storage while also preventing foodborne illnesses due to inaccurate food labels.
  • Sustainability – thermal label printers print via heat, eliminating the messy and expensive ink. Linerless labels do not require backing liner so the waste from this type of labelling is minimized.

BIXOLON provides label printing technology to support your food labelling needs. With the extremely reliable XL5-40 linerless label printer, performance along with versatile anti-jamming features makes it a great printer for kitchen environments. With up to 40% more label length available on a linerless paper roll compared to linered media, the XL5-40 and its ability to print multiple length media sizes on a roll cuts storage and transportation expenses while reducing downtime. Alternatively, BIXOLON’s SLP-DX220 desktop label printer offers a durable printing solution with a compact profile to save space. A user-friendly design ensures easy out-of-box setup and ongoing use, plus free-of-charge utilities and device management ensure control of your wired or wireless SLP-DX220 via fixed or mobile devices.


To find out more about BIXOLON’s labelling solutions, visit our website or speak to your local BIXOLON sales representative.

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