Food Safety Labelling Solution With The XQ-840 Tablet Embedded Desktop Printer

There is a growing customer demand for a more efficient way to manage food safety labelling. Business owners are minimising the amount of product that goes out of date and maximising the use of their product. Product labelling should offer clear advice, but food safety labelling can add additional guidance that increases safety, improves procedures and a reduced impact on unnecessary waste therefore increasing profits and margins.


Obstacles that business owners face are the ever change in regulations to food safety. The FDA will be rolling out and enforcing a new nutritional label standard, so consumers can expect to see up-to-date information on most products, and we will likely see many labelling issues come out with the revamping of labels. Companies will be looking for best industry practices for shelf-life labelling as it pertains to both quality and safety with clear “best if used by” and “best by” date labelling.


The goal of food labelling is to provide consumers with information that is factual and relevant about the products they consume. The food label allows consumers to compare one product to another, gives instructions for safe handling and storage, lists ingredients. Labels must be made of materials that do not contaminate the food. If there is likelihood that the paper, ink or adhesive of a label will touch the product or penetrate the packaging, these materials must be safe for food use.



Thanks to the XQ-840 speciality label printer customers can now create food labels for all of their products and inventory to minimise waste and maximise the life of food products. This all-in-one type unique label printer embedded with an 8-inch Android Tablet will make the food labelling process simple and maximise uptime. The printer eliminates the need to pair a tablet or PC with a printer since it reliably communicates with an embedded tablet via USB connectivity inside of the same body. Due to its compact design, it will also save space in the workplace.


Users can easily integrate their own professional application to the printer by using a suite of development tools supported by BIXOLON. The XQ-840 comes with Comprehensive software including Food Safety Label, Label Artist™ Mobile for Android™, BIXOLON Utility and BIXOLON Downloader. Since it supports 2 USB Host Ports + Ethernet + WLAN + Bluetooth interface, users can build an extended solution while using keyboard, mouse, Barcode scanner, etc. To find out more, visit or speak to your local BIXOLON sales representative.

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