Food Label Printing: How to Create Food Safety, Nutrition, and Weigh Labels

Food Label Printers

With current world-wide governmental efforts on food safety, BIXOLON understands the growing need of a space-saving and simple food labelling solution for the restaurant industry. BIXOLON’s Food Labelling App is a new easy to use and intuitive software.

XQ840 – Food Label Machine

Designed for use with the XQ-840 8-inch Android tablet embedded all-in-one label printer, BIXOLON’s free-of-charge Food Labelling App is ideal for restaurant and supermarket businesses to keep their food inventory, products on shelves freshest and informative.

Providing frequently used label templates which can be additionally customized upon users’ requirements, the software streamlines label creation process and accelerates productivity.

Available through the BIXOLON Downloader as printer software add-ons, BIXOLON’s Food Labelling App provides a range of functions:

  • 3 types of pre-designed, modifiable label formats including food safety, nutrition, and weigh labels
  • Simple label printing function by scanning a barcode that contains the name of item, registered in the application
  • Easy label design functions including editing text, barcode, and image printing
  • Saving and loading labels as json file format
  • Importing and exporting data
  • Supporting Android V6.0 or later

How to create a food label using BIXOLON’s Food Labelling App: 

To find out more about BIXOLON’s labelling solutions, visit our website or speak to your local BIXOLON sales representative.

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