Enhancing Data Capture with BIXOLON Auto-ID Labelling Solutions

Automated Identification (or more commonly known as Auto-ID) is the expression used to describe automatic data capture using a number of different techniques. The capture of data is done through a number of technology methods which are automatically logged onto a computer system without human involvement.

Barcodes, QR codes and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) are the most commonly used as a means of encoding and storing information which can be scanned and logged. These approaches have become essential in many work processes from warehouse inventory management, logistics tracking to healthcare patient support.

Printed labels are the easiest way to quickly produce high quality encoding content. Direct thermal and thermal transfer are the most common printing methods with additional RFID coding technology quickly becoming the norm. With a library of media options available from traditional silicon linered labels to more eco-friendly linerless media labelling options, businesses now have the option to personalise their complete AUTO-ID printing and data capture process.

BIXOLON offers a comprehensive range of award winning AUTO-ID labelling printing to suit any environment, from industrial labelling to desktop label and mobile label printers. Supporting direct thermal, thermal transfer and UHF RFID print-encoding onto traditional label and linerless media.

Key Products

XT5-40 Series – Premium Performance Industrial Label Printer

  • highly powerful, optimum performance 4-inch (114mm) Thermal Transfer Industrial RFID label printer with UHF print and encode capabilities
  • Printing speed up to 14 ips (356 mm/sec) with 203, 300 or 600 dpi resolution
  • Enables easy integration with multiple connectivity options and compatibility with market-leading programming languages

XD5-40 Series – Mid-level Desktop Barcode and Label Printer

  • Providing robust, reliable performance with Direct Thermal(XD5-40d) and Thermal Transfer(XD5-40t) and UHF RFID (XD5-40tR) printing
  • Producing impressive print speeds and resolution for multiple media handling for labels of variable widths
  • Field installable features including peeler, auto cutter and external paper supply allow easy upgrades to improve efficiency

XD3-40 SeriesReliable Desktop Barcode and Label Printer

  • Highly reliable, Direct Thermal (XD3-40d) and Thermal Transfer (XD3-40t) label printer
  • Featuring a compact design, key industry features and competitive pricing
  • Supporting quick data processing and print speeds up to 5 ips (127mm/sec) at 203 dpi to produce high quality text, graphics and barcodes to labelling media

XM7-40Premium, ergonomic 4-inch (112mm) mobile labelling solution

  • Label printing on a range of linered and linerless and label medias
  • Smart battery providing visibility over status and life cycle
  • Powerful printing performance of speeds up to 5ips at 203dpi print resolution

SPP-L3000 Rugged 3-inch (80mm) mobile labelling solution

  • Highly reliable label printing solution for linered and linerless media
  • Compact, light-weight handheld mobile label printing solution with IP54 rating and 2.1m drop rate
  • Compatibility with all major operating systems for easy integration into a range of applications

For more information on BIXOLON’s complete desktop or mobile AUTO-ID printing range, visit our website or contact the team to discuss your printing requirements.


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