5 Reasons to Choose Linerless Label Printing

For businesses which need to label products, whether it be in Retail, Hospitality, Manufacturing or Logistics, many are looking for alternative label printing methods to suit their developing needs.

While traditional linered and linerless labelling offer a range of differing advantages, BIXOLON highlights the top five reasons why linerless printers and linerless labelling is the best media option for sustainable printing.

Advantages of Linerless Labels

  1. Environmental benefits
    Traditional label rolls come with a siliconized backing liner which typically can’t be recycled, so end up in landfill making the overall cost of disposing a liner quite high. Linerless labels do not require backing liner so the waste from this type of labelling is minimised, which equates to less materials needing to be used to produce the media.
  1. Eliminating safety hazards
    In busy environments which use high volume labelling, label backing liners can build-up on workplace floors and create a safety hazard if not disposed of properly. Linerless labels which come without the backing paper eliminate the safety hazard of liner disposal, making it a safe option within the workplace.
  2. More labels per roll
    Linerless labels offer up to 40% more labels per roll. Choosing linerless media will not only reduce the shipping and storage costs, but also reduce the number of roll changes required between print runs.
  3. No fixed label size
    Unlike traditional labels which have a fixed label length, linerless label rolls allow for labels of multiple sizes to be printed one after the other, to produce the optimum size label for each job. Variable size labels also save on materials as they produce less wastage per label.
  4. Increased manufacturing efficiency
    As linerless label rolls have more labels per roll compared to traditional linered media, printed labels can be applied to packaging quicker and more densely packed linerless media rolls need to be changed less frequently. Combined with the ability to print labels of various sizes, linerless label printing allow the succession of different content to be printed more quickly, without having to switch to different label media. This in turn equates to less time being spent changing rolls, which maximises manufacturing efficiency and productivity.


BIXOLON supports a range of printing solutions for linerless labels and linerless media

– 3-inch (80mm) direct thermal liner-free label and receipt printer
– Print speeds of up to 170mm/sec (liner-free labelling), 300mm/sec for receipts
– Handling large media roll diameter of up to 103 mm (SRP-S300) and 120 mm (SRP-S320)

– World’s first dedicated 4-inch (114mm) Desktop Direct Thermal Linerless Label printer
– Fast linerless printing speed up to 6ips (152mm/sec)
– Compatible with market leading programming languages including SLCS™, BPL-Z™ and BPL-E™

– 2-inch (56mm), 3-inch (80mm) and 4-inch (112mm) liner and linerless label printers
– Serial, USB, WLAN, and Bluetooth connectivity options
– Supporting all major operating systems


To find out more about BIXOLON’s growing portfolio of linerless label printers which can fit any budget or application visit BIXOLON’s linerless labelling pages or contact your local sales representative.

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