Streamlining Food Safety with Automated Labelling Systems

Navigating food prep labelling has historically posed a silent challenge for food service operators. These seemingly straightforward tasks carry the potential for significant repercussions, posing a threat to both customers and businesses alike. The simplicity of the process should not be overlooked and neither should the benefits of exploring automated labelling systems. 

The challenges faced by restaurants and convenience store kitchens were numerous. The labelling process, relying on handwritten labels, proved susceptible to frequent errors and inconsistencies. Compounding the issue, there was a lack of an effective system for tracking these labels. Managing the diverse array of food, monitoring their freshness, and ensuring accurate information became a full-time job and, more importantly, a safety issue.

This demanding responsibility was a full-time commitment, requiring significant time and effort. Envision the meticulous process involved in crafting labels for every individual item. Inadequately written labels not only caused confusion and error but posed the risk of unnecessary food wastage. Think of the inconsistencies with multiple staff members holding this responsibility. It became evident that a more streamlined and efficient solution was needed to address these concerns.

Luckily, we have come a long way from manual labelling. Automated food prep labelling systems offer a multitude of benefits. We mentioned increased labour efficiency, decreased human error, and enhanced customer safety, and sustainability last time

An automated food prep labelling system also provides:

 Improved traceability 

ensuring accurate up-to-date label information, helping adhere to food safety guidelines and traceability requirements.

• Enhanced inventory management 

systems can integrate with inventory databases and enable businesses to optimize inventory, minimize waste, and contribute to cost savings and efficiency.

• Streamlined communication across your teams 

improve communication and coordination among your team with relevant information that everyone can read

BIXOLON is here to support your business’ needs, especially with food labelling. Our XL5-40 linerless printer stands out for its exceptional reliability and versatile anti-jamming features. It is an excellent choice for demanding kitchen environments. The XL5-40 also has the capability of accommodating up to 40 % more label length along with the ability to print multiple-length media sizes. In comparison to linered media, it not only enhances performance but reduces storage and transportation expenses, minimizing your company’s downtime with just one roll. 

Alternatively, BIXOLON’s SLP-DX220 desktop label printer exemplifies robustness with a space-saving, compact profile. This printer not only streamlines your labelling but frees up valuable kitchen space, allowing you to focus on more important operational aspects. Its user-friendly design ensures effortless setup right out of the box and seamless ongoing use. The SLP-DX220 comes with complimentary utilities and device management features providing control of your wired or wireless printer via fixed or mobile devices at no extra cost.

So, what’s next? Having gained insights into automating your labelling system, you understand its potential to elevate traceability, optimize inventory management, and foster communication within your team. Unlock the path to kitchen excellence with BIXOLON’s offerings, featuring the XL5-40 anti-jamming linerless printer and the space-saving SLP-DX220 desktop printer. 

Visit our website or speak to your local BIXOLON sales representative if you’re looking for ways to enhance your kitchen and improve your food prep labelling. Discover how our solutions can work for you and the success of your kitchen.

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