XL5-40 Exclusive Linerless Label Printer, A Game Changer for Cost and Environmental Solutions

Productivity improvements, environmental regulation and TCO reduction are key points of all businesses. Manufacturing and T&L are more focused on improving operations like inventory management, shipping labelling, order releasing and packing.

Linerless labelling solutions are a simple way to enhance the work process and reduce costs. Linerless media is a pressure-sensitive label with a special release coating applied on the face of the label without silicon liner. The absence of a silicon liner saves on the cost of extra labour, storage, transportation costs while reducing industrial waste and carbon emission.

The Linerless media offers significant cost and environmental benefits compared to traditional gap media:

The Lower Total Cost of Ownership

  • More labels per roll: Liners take up physical space on label rolls; without silicon backing, Linerless media have approx. 40% more length in a roll. BIXOLON’s supply, B-linerless supports similar or more competitive price in comparison to general gap media.
  • Greater productivity:  By adopting linerless labelling solutions, there is no need to peel-and stick and dispose of silicon liner. Alongside, linerless media is capable to print multiple length labels on a roll plus requires less roll change frequency. This will help cutting downtime and increasing productivity and efficiency.
  • Cutting storage and transportation expenses: Linerless media has no silicon backing liner allowing you to fit twice as many labels on a roll of the same weight and size; therefore, it will increase profit rate by decreasing transportation and storage costs.

 Greener & Safer

  • Eco-friendly: Less waste disposal leads to less carbon footprint. Due to the release liner waste cannot be recycled or incinerated. Nearly 370,000 tons of silicon wastes were landfilled in the U.S. per year. Using linerless media will be beneficial to reduce disposal costs while saving energy costs.
  • Improved safety: Slippery wastes on the floor can cause a safety hazard of manufacturing and warehousing operations. Removing the slippery release liners from the workplace can reduce potential slip-and-fall accidents.

 As noted, linerless media has outstanding benefits. Then the next consideration would be choosing the right linerless label printer that performs top-quality labelling.  Recently introduced XL5-40 is the world’s first exclusive linerless desktop label printer which has unmatched features differently from an existing desktop label printer supporting linerless labelling functions as an option.

Extreme Reliability

  • Uniquely designed for Anti-jamming and Anti-curling features with long-lasting two-platen rollers and special paper path
  • The only XL5-40 supporting top-down guillotine system that cuts the coated face of the paper
  • Peel-off sensor, Taken Sensor™ will not continue to print until the current label is removed
  • Reliability at its finest in any harsh environment with BIXOLON supply, B-linerless™ and compatible with many certified linerless media by BIXOLON



  • Available print various length labels on a roll (min 30 ~ max 1,000 mm)
  • Built-in Auto-cutter and peeler-off sensor, Taken sensor
  • Two sizes of media supporter for short and long media choice are included, preventing the cue media falling to the desk, counter space or floor.


 Functional Operations

  • Fast linerless printing speed up to 6 ips (152 mm/sec)
  • Comprehensive wired and wireless connectivity options
  • Simple setup with an optional mono LCD
  • Supporting XPM™ and XCM™, web-based printer management software and connection app


For more information on BIXOLON’s  linerless labelling solutions please talk to your local BIXOLON sales representative.

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