The Importance of Shipping Labels for an Efficient Postal Network

It is estimated that the global parcel industry was valued at $500 billion in 2020, up from just $450 billion in 2018* with an estimated 284.4 billion letters being sent globally in 2019**.


Identified as a key global industry, maintaining efficiency within the worldwide postal network is crucial to ensure the free-flow of letters and parcel deliveries. With many touchpoints throughout the delivery process, it is vital for correct shipping labelling to enable letters and parcels reach their final destinations.


Clear and concise shipping labelling serves as key information for both logistics service providers and customs staff. Providing information on the sender and recipient, content descriptions, weights and quantities, alongside relevant tracking information normally in the form of barcodes or even RFID tagging to enable the easy tracing of the letters and parcels throughout their journeys.


The importance of good quality labelling materials

In recent times thermal label printing has become the norm for effective label creation. Achieved by a thermal printer heating up a special chemical coating on the thermal paper backed with adhesive, it enables the efficient creation of clear, concise creation of text, graphics, barcodes and QR labels which can be attached directly to a parcel or letter.


Traditionally thermal labels are pre-cut and set onto a roll of backing paper. Due to the pre-determined size this can sometimes be quite limiting, so items being sent can often have multiple affixed labels which require additional printing time and can lead to confusion.

BIXOLON has recently launched a new patented, high quality labelling solution allowing printed labels media of variable lengths which works in conjunction with a selection of BIXOLON printers with built-in firmware to cut labels on the label’s black mark.


B-POST Label™

A one-stop solution which generates a range of label lengths for a variety of applications from invoicing to shipping labels, electronic stamps for post office counter automation and franking machines. Using high quality thermal labelling material, B-POST Label™ guarantees high quality, consistent labelling supported by BIXOLON’s industry recognised reliable printing hardware.

Compatible BIXOLON Printers

SLP-DX420 – Mid-Range 4-inch (118mm) Direct Thermal Desktop Label Printer

  • Fast Data Processing and Printing Speed up to 7 ips (178 mm/sec)
  • 203dpi print resolution of text, graphics and barcodes
  • Connectivity options – USB, Serial, Ethernet, WLAN & Bluetooth


XD5-40d – Mid-Range, Feature Rich 4-inch (118mm) Direct Thermal Desktop Label Printer

  • Fast processing and print speeds of up to 7 ips (178mm/sec)
  • Available as XD5-40d (203dpi) and XD5-43d (300dpi) resolution
  • Extended memory space up to 256MB SDRAM, 256MB Flash
  • Connectivity options – USB, Serial, Ethernet, WLAN & Bluetooth
  • Compact clamshell design with intuitive menu buttons and optional LCD Display


For more information of B-POST Label™ and BIXOLON’s compatible printers, contact your local BIXOLON sales representative.


*cited from Apex Insight – Global Parcel Delivery Market Insight Report 2021

**cited from

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