The Build-up of Retail Resilience through Digitalisation

In recent times digitalisation has touched every aspect of retail as traditional offline Retailers have found they have had to quickly adapt and digitalise their sales and operations to come more competitive. Brick-and mortar stores have had to integrate omni-channel technology to streamline their stores and improve the customer experience.

Harvesting data using these new technologies has allowed Retailers to utilise their declining footfall in physical stores by adapting them into e-fulfilment hubs. This is done by looking at under-performing store fronts and utilising the workable space to create both an instore buying experience with a mini fulfilment hub to offer physical purchases, click-and-collect and localised fulfilment shipping with inventory taken directly from the shop floor. However, Retailers using this type of business model require a very detailed tracking system to make sure that the correct stock is at the right location on time.

The Importance of Inventory Labelling

Labelling stock is central for the smooth running of this business model, from labelled stock arriving at stores to re-labelling shipments picked for e-commerce orders on the shop floor. Retailers need a clear, concise system to track all sellable items. With a click-and-collect, online delivery services and physical sales, Retailers also need to contend with consumer returns which will need to be clearly labelled as either faulty and returned to the central hub or tagged to go back onto the shop floor.

With numerous technologies available on the market today, a popular technology combination is a simple handheld PDA linked up to an inventory management system which is paired to a label printer. Depending on the type of label printing volume required, either a desktop label printer or a mobile printer may be considered.

Label media is also a factored consideration. With many different types of label media on the market today, traditional linered labelling is no longer the only go to option for Retailers. Linerless labelling has increased in popularity in recent years and is essentially label media without the backing paper. This eco-friendly labelling alternative allows variable length labelling and is available with either permanent or semi-permanent adhesive depending on your printing requirements.

BIXOLON Printers

BIXOLON offers a range of printing solution for inventory and price management labelling. These include the XT5-40 industrial label printer for high volume labelling with optional UHF RFID print-encoding capabilities. The XD5-40 4-inch (118mm) and XD3-40 4-inch (118mm) desktop Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer printer series’ which offer value added features to suit a range of budgets. Alongside, the XL5-40 desktop 4-inch dedicated desktop Linerless label printer.

Alternatively, for a mobile solution, BIXOLON’s premium XM7 mobile label printer series offers 2-inch, 3-inch and 4-inch mobility liner and linerless labelling for printing on the go.

BIXOLON e-commerce labelling in action…

Customer Case Study – Galeries Lafayette

BIXOLON has been chosen as the printing hardware of choice by the famous Paris based Retailer Galeries Lafayette as part of their ‘click and collect’ omni-channel strategy for taking a ‘web-to-store’ approach. Click for the full case study.

For more information on BIXOLON’s award winning range of retail labelling solutions, visit or speak to your local sales representative.

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