Free-of-charge label design software, for use with BIXOLON Label Printers.

Bixolon includes Label Artist™ in the box with every printer, this complimentary label design software allows the user to create their own label design and is compatible with all label printer in our range. Providing RFID and database links with text, image, multi-text and barcode drawing features Label Artist provides perfect label customisation.

Compatible BIXOLON printers include:

  • SRP-E770III
  • SLP-DX420 / 423
  • SLP-DX220 / 223
  • SLP-TX420 / 423
  • SLP-TX220 / 223
  • SLP-TX400 / 403
  • SLP-DL410 / 413
  • SLP-TX400R
  • SPP-L3000
  • XT5-40
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Label Artist™ Mobile

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