Streamlining Retail Price Management Printing

Streamlining Retail Price Management with Shelf Label Printers

Whether it’s a small Convenience Store or a nationwide Retail Chain, maintaining pricing compliance across your entire product stock is a challenge by making sure the tags on sometimes thousands of items replicates its ideal pricing direction. Depending on the types of goods on sale, whether it be long life items or perishable goods, Retailers feel under pressure to execute online style timed price adjustments to remain competitive and maintain customer satisfaction.

Why Use Shelf Label Printers?

The physical act of adjusting a price tag or shelf edge labelling can be an arduous task, depending on the type of technology used it can also cost retailers in time and man hours. Traditionally price tags and shelf edge labels are printed in large quantities to produce a stack in the back office where products are either tagged in store rooms, warehouses or brought out to update on the shop floor. However printing stacks of price tags and shelf labels often comes with a number of issues.

Printing in high volumes a number of different price information can often prove to be time consuming in the printing and then identifying the relevant tag to update a product. Waste is also an issue if a product pricing has been produced at high volume in error. As pricing printing updates are typically done through a back-of-office ERP system, staff can often be missing from the shop floor or additional staff are required to make the relevant pricing adjustments.

Shelf Edge Label Printers & Price Tag Printer Integrations

To alleviate these issues many retailers are now turning to mobile printing solutions which can be integrated into their current ERP systems. Pairing a mobile printer with a handheld terminal, retail staff now have access to a range of product information available while on-the-go. Product price tags and shelf edge labelling can be updated in seconds while still remaining present on the shop floor.

By using portable handheld devices to print high quality barcode and pricing information as required, it improves employee efficiency while providing important product information and the ability to printer a product label in the palm of their hand.

Mobile Printing Solutions from BIXOLON

BIXOLON provides a comprehensive range of highly connective mobility printers which are ideal for any retail environment. Supporting Serial and optional Bluetooth or WLAN connectivity, with compatibility with market leading platforms and programming languages. It’s ergonomic range of rugged, lightweight solutions with IP54 rating deliver 300dpi high quality text, barcode and logo printing on a variety of media including linered and linerless labels, receipt and ticket stock.


Featured Products

SPP-L3000 3-inch (80mm) Highly Reliable, Rugged Mobile Printer

The SPP-L3000 is a compact, 3″ (80 mm) premium level Auto-ID Mobile Label Printer supporting high quality connectivity and labelling. Ideal for a range of applications including supply chain labelling, retail tags, delivery invoicing and more due to its rugged & lightweight design with an easy-to-open peeler and LCD display.

  • Highly connective printing solution compatible with all major operating systems and programming languages.
  • Offering a mono LCD display and a long life battery to allow consistent printing throughout retail opening hours.
  • Accompanied by a range of optional charging and carrying accessories for on-the-go applications.
  • Embedded Peeler and Paper Guide for easy and effective linered and linerless label printing.
  • Supporting direct printing from SAP® Smart Forms, plus BIXOLON Profile Manager XPM™ and XCM™.


XM7-20 2-inch (58mm) Premium, Compact, Rugged Mobile Printer

The XM7-20 is a compact, yet rugged 2-inch (58mm) premium level Auto-ID Mobile Liner and Linerless Label printer featuring an intuitive design and value add software support. A premium level printer, capable of speeds up to 6ips at 203dpi print resolution, it provides a drop protection of 2.1 metres and an IP54 protection rating.

  • Offering exceptional mobility with a colour LCD display, plus a smart battery providing visibility over status and life cycle.
  • Highly connective printing solution compatible with all major operating systems and programming languages.
  • Embedded Peeler and Paper Guide for easy and effective linered and linerless label printing.
  • Offering direct printing from SAP® Smart Forms and BIXOLON Profile Manager XPM™ and XCM™.


To find out more about BIXOLON complete range of price management printing solutions visit or contact your local BIXOLON sales representative.

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