Date Published: September 27, 2022

Using a wireless printer plays a pivotal role in increasing user convenience and flexibility through its compact design and ability to seamlessly connect to compatible devices. However installing and configured a network printer with Wi-Fi often requires a degree of technical knowledge compared to installing a traditional printer via USB.


To overcome this sometimes arduous task, BIXOLON’s Simple Wi-Fi connect (SWC) offers a convenient way to connect Android devices via Wi-Fi to BIXOLON printers, straight out of the box. Using auto-detect technology, Simple Wi-Fi Connect automatically detects and retrieves the IP address of compatible printers which are currently connected to the same network for easy Wi-Fi connection.


BIXOLON Android Utility

The BIXOLON Utility for Android devices is a free-of-charge mobile application supporting useful printer setup functions including wireless connectivity, printer configuration, RFID, and more. The Simple Wi-Fi Connect function is now also included within the Utility app and is compatible with BIXOLON POS, Label, and Mobile printers.

  Available through Google Play™

Simple Wi-Fi Connect, is a fast and easy way to setup Wi-Fi between existing network connections and BIXOLON Printers. Simple Wi-Fi Connect is available for following BIXOLON products:


Supported BIXOLON Printers

Label Printers:

XD5-40 Series, XT5-40 Series

Linerless Printers:


POS Printers:


Mobile Printers:

XM7 SeriesSPP-L3000



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