RFID Labelling Solutions for Pharmaceutical and Healthcare

As many countries are focusing on improving the track-and-trace of drug prescription and labelling. The drive for RFID-based solutions by governments continue​s to push pharmaceutical and healthcare markets.

RFID technology is expected to play a significant role in identifying counterfeit drugs whilst improving patient safety. Improved traceability lowers operating costs by reducing the number of lost or stolen items.

Recently, the challenge for medical authorities and governments is to follow mandatory storage guideline for COVID-19 vaccines once they reach the facility. Providers should deploy RFID tags with a sensor to ensure vaccines are kept at the required temperature to avoid any waste.

Below is a list of three key ways pharmaceutical and healthcare industries can take advantage of RFID-enabled labelling solutions to better manage their operations.

Improve Patient Safety

– To facilitate retrieval of patient’s medication and meal scheduling, prescribed medicines and the patient’s medical history.

– Medical supplies that are ordered, sorted and tracked via RFID label ensure the correct most appropriate care.

Inventory Control

– Tracking the supply of medical equipment to avoid any shortage.

– Monitoring imports and exports of pharmaceutical raw materials and finished product.

– Monitoring the consistent temperature for refrigerated vaccines from manufacture through delivery to health care facilities.

Quality Assurance

– The right medication must be administered in correct dosage. RFID helps to ensure this through RFID labels that provide medical personnel with the information they need to make correct decisions.

BIXOLON offers comprehensive RFID label printers to address the needs of the pharmaceutical industry as well as the challenges faced by the healthcare industry. Recently introduced XT5-40NR and XD5-40tR supports UHF RFID printing and encoding capabilities and built-in LCD enhances visibility and tracking performance. By closely spacing RFID inlay (minimum pitch of 0.6 inches / 16mm) it reduces media waste and decreases the media replacement cycle. ​BIXOLON’s RFID printers provide fast and reliable performance when ​printing and ​encoding RFID tags in harsh environments like temperature-controlled supply chains.

For more information on BIXOLON’s RFID labelling solutions, please contact your local BIXOLON sales representative.

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