Looking for Thermal Transfer Printers?

There are two thermal printing methods: Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal Printing                  

We explain the difference

Thermal transfer printers use a digital printing method which produces durable, long-lasting images on a wide variety of media by melting a coating of ribbon onto the printed material. With the ability to accept a wide range of media including paper, polyester and polypropylene materials, thermal transfer printers can print durable wristbands, asset tags, specialised labels, barcodes, tickets and more. This printing process, method or technique is used for all long-term markings like asset tags, inventory labels, outdoor,  freezer applications and more.

Direct thermal printing is where the ribbon is removed from the process so media is more sensitive to light, heat and abrasions thus reducing its life expectancy of the printed product, mainly used where the low shelf life is not a disadvantage and it is especially important to print at low cost. Typical areas of application are tickets, cash register receipts, luggage tags, shipping labels, event tickets, pic labels, name tags and visitor passes in the hospitality and many different industries .

BIXOLON’s range of 2” and 4” desktop label printers offer either Thermal Transfer or Direct Thermal label printing to produce high quality printed labels, tickets, wristbands and more.

Our Range of  Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal  Printers

Our range of thermal transfer label printers and direct thermal printing devices provide high-speed, superior 203dpi print quality. The print a range of characters and graphics including 2D Barcodes, Maxicode, PDF417, QR Code and Data Matrix. Providing cutter or peeler label options.

Many of our desktop printers come with optional WiFi enabling simple, consistent printing from PCs or iOS™Android™ and Windows® smart devices.

To find the perfect ticket, receipt, label or (barcode printer) for your organisation, simply browse below or call our European team on +49 211 68 78 54 0. You can learn more about our tablet printers or desktop compact printers by contacting us online.

If you want to find out more here is a link to Wikipedia’s thermal transfer printing page