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Mobile Printers and smartphone printers are used from payment solutions to invoicing, queue busting to mPOS and delivery labels to parking tickets. Our mobile and WiFi printers are already providing receipting, labelling and more reporting solutions worldwide. Our products’ flexibility allows us to provide Apple™ printers, Android™ printers, and printers compatible with Windows™ & Symbian™ systems.

Bixolon launched it’s first mobile printer in 2007. We have helped develop the mobile printing industry into what it is today. We offer a range of various mobile printing devices.  We provide Bluetooth and WiFi printers for your mobile printing needs. Contact our team and we can go through our range of these printers. Then we can choose the perfect products for your business. Bixolon EU’s printers are all easy to use and with an incredibly high printing speed for your convenience.

With excellent SDK’s available, all current are from 2″, 3″and 4″.   They support Apple™ (with MFI Certification), Android™, Windows™ & Symbian™ platforms via cable, Bluetooth or WiFi. BIXOLON’s mobile range provides simple connectivity to Tablets, Smartphones, mobiles or any Smart Handheld devices. Some of our printers also have USB support. They come with a 2 year warranty as standard (battery only 6 months) to make sure that you get the best out of your portable printing device.

Our portable printers are extremely popular in a long list of industries, notably retail and catering. They are vital for making the sales process easier due to their reliability and quick printing speed.

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