Mobile Printers

Bixolon portable printers are extremely popular in a long list of industries, notably retail, hospitality and catering. Smartphone and Mobile Printers are used for payment solutions from invoicing, queue busting to mPOS, delivery labels to parking tickets, receipting, labelling and more reporting solutions.

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Our mobile and portable printers provides simple connectivity to tablets, smartphones, mobiles or any Smart Handheld devices via cable, Bluetooth or Wifi. Some of them also have USB support. The products’ flexibility allows us to provide Apple™ & Android™ printers compatible with Windows™ & Symbian™ systems worldwide. Here a bit short about our apps.

BIXOLON’s Smart Connection™ Technology 

Using the new feature called Easy Setup Utility app which you can install on Android™ and iOS™ devices, ( Available through the Google Play™ and App Store® ) Bixolon printers automatically connect to the same wireless AP as the host device.( You don’t have to change network settings. compatible with the following BIXOLON mobile printer models: XT5-40SPP-R200IIIplusSPP-R310plusSPP-R410, and SPP-L3000.)

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MPrint Mobile Printing App For Android™ And IOS™

This free-of-charge mobile printing application gives users the ability to print documentation from the web through their chosen web browser or app on an iOS™ or Android™ device to a BIXOLON printer using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or Ethernet. The application also supports a USB connection through Android™ devices. For compatibility – Read our full Blog Post:  BIXOLON Launches MPrint Mobile Printing App For Android™ And IOS™

With excellent SDK’s available, all current are from 2″, 3″and 4″.   They come with a 2 year warranty as standard (battery only 6 months) to make sure that you get the best out of your portable printing device.

Have a look at our range of portable WiFi, Smartphone, Mobile Printers and contact our team and we can go through our range of products. Then we can choose the perfect products for your business.

Giving your staff the ability to provide service where it is needed by using mobile and smartphone printers makes the sales process easier due to their reliability, ease of use and with an incredibly high printing speed.

See our range of portable, mobile, wifi and smartphone printers below.