Looking for Barcode Printers?

Originally, product and shipping labels would have been handwritten. The introduction of barcoding has enabled auto identification. This has helped improve product efficiency and lower costs. Barcode label printers and scanners have improved. The level and volume of information that can be held has grown.

Picket and ladder codes have made way for QR code and PD417, embedding more data including numbers, structural data, pdfs and more. Barcoding has become an essential tracking tool for logistics, hospitality, retail, healthcare and warehousing worldwide.

Traditionally, these devices have been large and heavy. However, the trend has been of printing labels at the point of application. This has led to the rise in 2”, 3” & 4” mobile label printing.

Our Range of Barcode and QR Code Printers

Our Mobile, POS,  Label and Barcode ranges print high quality QR code labels, graphics and characters. These are compatible with all major operating systems including iOS, Androidand Windows®.  BIXOLON provides desktop or mobile printing solutions to suit your chosen application.

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