Bluetooth Printers

Bluetooth printers are a type of wireless printer allowing users to print documents or images from their mobile devices or computers without the need for cables or wires. With Bluetooth connectivity, these printers can easily pair with smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices, providing a convenient and easy printing solution for on-the-go printing needs. Bluetooth printers are highly popular among professionals and consumers who require quick and efficient printing capabilities while on the move. Some key features of Bluetooth printers include portability, easy setup, and compatibility with various operating systems. These printers are available in different sizes and types, including photo printers, label printers, and receipt printers, making them suitable for a wide range of printing needs.

Bluetooth label printers

These are used to print a variety of labels, including address labels, product labels, and shipping labels. These printers are designed to be compact and easy to use, making them a popular choice for small businesses. Bluetooth thermal label printers are ideal for businesses that need to print high-quality labels quickly and easily.

Bluetooth POS printers & Bluetooth receipt printers

These are commonly used in retail and hospitality environments to print customer receipts. These printers are compact, easy to use and can connect to a wide range of mobile devices, making them ideal for businesses that need to print receipts on the go.

Bluetooth printers offer businesses a convenient and flexible printing solution that can meet a wide range of printing needs. Whether you need to print customer receipts, shipping labels, barcode labels, or product labels, there is a Bluetooth printer to suit your needs.

The XT3-40 is a premium performance, cost effective, 4-inch (114 mm) industrial label printer. Offering a compact, user-friendly design, supporting multiple media handling choices and
The XM7-40R is a 4-inch (112mm) Mobile RFID label printer with UHF RFID encode and print capabilities. A premium, feature rich portable labelling solution which
The XD5-40 series is a 4-inch (118mm) mid-level direct thermal and thermal transfer desktop barcode and label Printer series. Featuring compact, clamshell designs, comprehensive software
The XD5-40tR is a 4-inch (118mm) Thermal Transfer desktop RFID label printer with UHF RFID encode and print capabilities. Featuring a LCD display for easy
The XT5-40NR is a 4-inch (114mm) Thermal Transfer Industrial Label printer with UHF print and encode capabilities. With a 4.3-inch full-colour touch display which enhances
Offering premium features and software add-ons, the XM7-20 2-inch (58mm) Liner and Linerless Mobile Label printer provides consistent, quality high volume label printing which is
A premium liner and linerless labelling solution, the XM7-40 is a rugged and industrial 4-inch (112mm) high performance Auto-ID Mobile Label printer supporting value added
The SRP-S300 is BIXOLON’s high performance, economical 3-inch (80mm) thermal linerless label and receipt printer. Providing high performance printing up to 203dpi to product high
B-gate is a 3-inch (80mm) mPOS hub printing solution connecting traditional POS peripherals with tablet-based application. A cost-effective printing solution ideal for a range of
The SRP-Q200 is 2-inch (58mm) super compact thermal printing solution with front and top exiting printing configurations. Combining fast print speeds, high reliability and value
The SRP-380 is BIXOLON’s premium, ultra-reliable, next generation 3-inch (80mm) direct thermal POS printer. A feature rich, reliable printing solution producing high quality texts, graphics
The SRP-F310II 3-inch (80mm) thermal printer, offers a front exit, splash proof design, featuring BIXOLON’s Liquid-Barrier™ technology and built-in power supply. Producing 180dpi or 203dpi

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