Portable Printers in Transport and Logistics

We’ve all had things delivered after buying online or placing an order at the shops that had to be delivered.  The deliveries are sometimes made, and a delivery note printed on the spot using a portable printer that the driver carries. These devices are often linked via mobile telephone technology to the logistics company’s systems for tracking, stock control, and financial reporting.mobile printers, tablet printers img

Behind the scenes, though, there is even more mobile printing technology in use. The products in the warehouses are often labelled to note what product it is, where it is stored, and its age. These bits of data are often placed in a barcode that can be printed from a tablet, mobile phone, or any device connected to the local WiFi network.  These labels allow the individual object to be tracked throughout its progress, from manufacture to delivery.

Another use the mobile printing devices have is to create labels for boxes when there are a few items being packed for shipping. The system will record all that goes into the box via scanners, and can prepare and print off a label (with or without a barcode) to inform the recipient what they’re getting, but also (with barcode) allow for tracking via the use of scanners connected to the mobile phone networks.

One of the great advantages to the technology is its flexibility. There are printers that will connect to almost any device. It might be best for some of the team to use mobile phones (iOS, Android, etc. are all compatible). For presentation of information to customers, it may be more useful to connect to an iPad or other tablet. Portable printers are also available for those devices.

There are also products that can be used when the actual sales are taking place on the road. For mobile retail businesses such as coffee vans, credit card payments can be taken, receipts taken, and stock noted by having the systems interconnected.  All the customer sees is that he has his cup of coffee quickly and easily. But the business has streamlined so many things that the savings in running the business is significant.

The main benefit to your business do come in much improved time efficiency. Rather than chasing around trying to find a package in the system, the door-to-door tracking capability allow you to quickly locate it and inform your customer. The more advanced systems even allow the customer to track their packages online.

The cost savings in stock management is even more compelling. Manual inventory can be cut back to a great extent. Placing orders for restocking can be automated. Time put into these things can be saved, and time is always very valuable.

You can learn more about Bixilon’s range of portable printers on our Transport and Logistics web page today and see the improved efficiency they offer to your business. Many of our POS printers have thermal printing and card reading built in. You can be certain that you’ll find a printer perfect for your business.  Please feel free to call our European team on +49-211-68-78-54-0 and they will learn more about your business and your specific needs in order to advise the perfect printer for you.

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