Order Labelling Solution With SRP-S300 Linerless Label Printer

There is a growing customer demand for more sustainable practices within various market sectors, business owners are minimizing the impact on the environment with greener solution with liner-free printing. There is an increase in the personalisation of goods and services, so sales and process order labelling are being used to fulfil some or all of these custom and eco printing requirements. Product labelling should offer clear advice, but order labelling can add additional guidance that increases safety, improves procedures and leads to swifter transaction times.


Thanks to the SRP-S300, low volume process and sales order labelling across multiple verticals including food and non-food retail can be easily integrated into these solutions. Equipped with a peel-off sensor, Taken Sensor™, the printer will automatically sense the issuance of a printed label and will not continue until this has been removed by the user themselves. This ensures that jamming is prevented and it allows for the pace of the application to be dictated by the user themselves.

With its support of linerless (liner-free) media certain recycling and environmental considerations are met. Another great addition is that BIXOLON can also supply its own B-linerless™ or the suggested media list certified by BIXOLON, plus additional costs of ownership are further reduced with the printer’s special back-feeding and paper saving modes.


For example, a major Coffee brand has implemented the SRP-S300, with that they have been able to reduce order times & reduce the risk of failure when taking an order hence a higher customer satisfactory rate. With the use of the SRP-S300, said major coffee brand has also been able to drastically reduce their carbon footprint while also reducing the cost of ownership.



Backed by its class-leading connectivity choices; powered, wired and wireless, and range of service options and linerless media selection, the Bixolon SRP-S300 and its quality printing is the first choice for those who know order labelling. To find out more, visit our contact page or speak to your local BIXOLON sales representative.

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