Date Published: September 10, 2019

Global and national retail performances are frequently reported on in the media and the predictions of falling sales are triggering Retailers to work tirelessly to change their outlook and entice new shoppers while providing services to retain existing customers. Collection and return services are just one of the ways retailers are adding value and improving the customer experience.

On-demand economy influences many vertical markets and retail has not escaped this. The always-online, mobile shopper is operating outside of traditional store hours. Their ability to view and buy goods is also seeing the need to provide these purchases in an equally timely manner.

Click & Collect service provides shoppers with the flexibility to pick up purchases to suit their own schedules. Similarly, the same infrastructure can handle the returns of unwanted goods.

While some retailers are choosing to build their own logistics networks, there is an increasing number of partnerships that allow for a collaborative approach to collections and returns giving shoppers access to the retailers’ goods and services. These collaborations are allowing local retailers to compete on a national level and against larger competitors. Plus, it can provide a route to attracting more price-conscious consumers with competitively priced delivery options.

Adding to the traditional in-store transactional and seasonal shopper, a BIXOLON collection and returns solution can be easily added to a store’s existing infrastructure. Offering compact, wired or secure wireless network printers in varying colour options to suit your store design no matter the space constraints.

Control of the printers is also possible on legacy POS, Windows™, Android™ or iOS® platforms, through label, mobiles, handhelds or tablets. BIXOLON offers a suite of development tools to easily create a new collection and returns application or add printing to an existing solution. For added customer experience, returns labelling can be printed and provided with the collection package, removing complexity of producing return labels by the customer prior to drop-off.

For the tracking of high value items or their return to stock following a return, BIXOLON offers an UHF RFID print-encoding solution. The design of BIXOLON’s printers means that they’re easy to use, so there is no reduction in staff productivity – removing the requirement for additional training or support for seasonal/temporary staff.

Sustainable Printing Alternatives

Retailers are always looking to increase revenues and attract new shoppers. One of the ways can be to have specific sustainable business practices, so how to attract more eco-conscious shoppers or maintain your environmental principles?

Governments are now tightening laws to lessen waste and increase recycling. As these new laws come into play, producers and retailers are becoming liable for waste. BIXOLON offers a range mobile or label printer linerless solutions to add sustainability, productivity and cost benefits to your collection and delivery applications.

Click & Collect

• Receipt of collection production and returned goods labelling
• Mobile and Desktop printer eco-conscious labelling solutions
• Limiting waste, health & safety and productivity gains
• Allow customers to label on-site, so they avoid complexities and cost of home labelling

Applicable Products
SLP-DX420, SLP-DL410, SLP-DX220, SPP-L410, SRP-S300

Online Ordering

• Enhanced accessibility
• Efficient store management
• Support online ordering through B-gate, BIXOLON’s mPOS Hub solution
• Minimize missing orders with voice messages built into the printer

Applicable Products
SRP-Q300H, SRP-S300Hi, SRP-F310IIHi, SPP-R310, SPP-R200III

E-Commerce Delivery

• 24/7 sales available (Enhanced accessibility)
• Advertise products and brands through an app or website
• Concise delivery through printing precise information
• Improve efficiency by printing return shipping labels within a courier truck

Applicable Products
SPP-L3000, SPP-L310, SRP-S300, SLP-DX420, SLP-DL410

To find out more about BIXOLON’s range of label printing solutions, visit our contact page or speak to your local BIXOLON Sales Representative.