Mobile Onboard Ticketing – Enhancing Efficiency and Commuter Convenience

In the fast-paced world of public transportation such as bus, train and ferry, efficiency is key when connecting millions of people to their destinations. With the increasing adoption of mobile technology, mobile receipt printers are revolutionising the ticketing process during travel. These compact devices offer numerous benefits for both the passengers and operating, transforming the ticketing experience, while providing seamless, efficient services to meet the demands of modern-day travellers.

BIXOLON Gives 5 Reasons to go Mobile

  1. Real-time ticketing

Mobile printers enable instance ticketing assurance, eliminating the need for passengers to queue at vending machines or ticket offices. Transport staff can issue on the spot tickets, reducing boarding time and ensuring the flow of commuters.

  • Flexibility
    Mobile printers facilities transport staff the ability to issue tickets anywhere from crowded platforms, busy stations or onboard buses and trains.
  • Reduced infrastructure costs
    Deploying mobile printers reduces the need for fixed ticketing infrastructure. A cost-effective solution is ideal for less frequently used stations which may not justify permanent ticketing investment.
  • Integration with current systems
    With various connectivity options, mobile printers can seamlessly integrate into existing systems offering a hybrid ticketing solution for passenger’s purchasing preferences.
  • Improved customer experience
    Offering additional purchasing convenience, mobile tickets enhance the overall passengers experience while streamlining the boarding process and reducing customer pressure.

BIXOLON Mobile Ticketing Range

Named the global mobile receipt printer manufacturer for its 10th consecutive year by the independent Japanese research firm Chunichisha Co., Ltd.

BIXOLON offers a comprehensive range of mobile ticketing solutions that produce high quality text, logos and barcode receipts and tickets which have been the printing solution of choice for major bus, train and ferry operators globally due to its compatibility and ease of use.

Key products within the range include:


  • 2-inch (58mm) print width
  • Print speeds of up to 100mm/sec
  • Robust design, light-weight printer 228g
  • IP54 rated (with protective case)
  • 2.1m drop resistance
  • Supporting Easy Bluetooth Pairingä via embedded NFC tag enabling auto pairing


  • 3-inch (80mm) print width
  • Print speeds of up to 100mm/sec
  • Easy grip, 385g light-weight design
  • IP54 rated (with protective case)
  • 1.8m drop rate
  • Long-lasting battery life (24-hours stand by time)


  • 4-inch (112mm) print width
  • Print speeds up to 90mm/sec
  • Ergonomic, compact design (530g)
  • IP54 rating
  • 1.8m drop rate
  • 56-hour standby time once fully charged

For more information on BIXOLON’s mobile ticketing range or to speak through your ticketing application, contact the BIXOLON team.

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