Linerless Labelling Solutions for E-commerce Logistics

In today’s current economic climate, consumers are now turning to e-commerce not only due to convenience, but a way to access goods and services during the current pandemic situation. With heavy investment from businesses worldwide, the e-commerce business model is gaining momentum as a trading alternative within these uncertain times.


E-commerce has created a logistics boom and the volumes of shipping labels which are now required are increasing rapidly. However with the uptake of labelling, there is a demand for the printing industry technology to evolve. Backing liner from traditional labels is often complicated and costly to dispose of. Some countries are already trying to tackle this issue by adding a tax on label backing liners as a packaging material.


As an environmentally-friendly labelling alternative, businesses of all sizes are now turning to Linerless labelling, a labelling solution without backing liners. By significantly reducing paper thickness by removing the liner has added up to 40% more paper length per roll, which saves on costs and the environment. It improves work efficiency and reduces downtime required to load new paper rolls. Also removing unwanted liners which can sometimes end up on the ground.


Linerless labelling is not a new solution, however the demand has grown in the numerous markets. With all technology, it doesn’t come without its challenges. There is often difficulty in ensuring reliability of the Auto Cutter and the handling of linerless media which can be overpriced and sometimes inconsistent in quality. Linerless labelling is a tricky material to handle as it may cause unexpected issues due to its high adhesiveness and absence of a liner. The key to being successful within this business is to procure the right media from the right channels.

BIXOLON provides a range of linerless paper supplies called B-linerless™, supporting a wide range of media which will guarantee the reliable performance at a reasonable price. BIXOLON also offers a range of specialised printers, including the XL5-40, that guarantee industryNo.1 reliability of the Auto Cutter. The XL5-40 delivers anti-jamming, anti-curling, long-lasting two platen rollers, special paper path and top down guillotine cutting system with high reliability. Another special function comes with BIXOLON’s peel off sensor, Taken Sensor™, next label will only be printed once the current label has been removed.

For more information on BIXOLON’s XL5-40 Linerless labelling solution and B-Linerless™ media, please contact your local BIXOLON sales representative.

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