Leading the Next Generation with LinerlessPro™ Technology

BIXOLON’s SRP-S3000, 3-inch Premium Linerless Printer, advances the linerless printing market with its proven LinerlessPro™ technology. Built to withstand linerless media with strong adhesion, BIXOLON’s LinerlessPro™ technology was developed by using highly anti-adhesive components including Platen Roller, Auto Cutter, and Paper Basket. This technology continues to deliver outstanding print quality and improves your work efficiency by reducing the frequency of cleaning, minimizing the printer’s downtime, and preventing jamming. Additionally, LinerlessPro™ technology extends the life cycle of expendables such as rollers and cutters and ensure printer parts’ condition ultimately saving you costs. Exceeding conventional linerless printers with its LinerlessPro™ technology, BIXOLON’s SRP-S3000 also provides premium features such as:

Built-in color LCD display:

–       The number of pending labels in the printing queue is notified through the LCD

–        Useful to achieve streamlined kitchen operation, proactively counting due orders to process

–       Allowing simple setup and management of printers


Hybrid printing of POS and Label:

–       Supports BXL / POS for printing Linerless Extreme, Restick media, and SLCS, BPL-Z™, BPL-C™ for printing standard liner label

–       Easily switch POS and Label printing mode through unified utility

–       Applicable to a broader range of use cases


Additional Features:

–       Fast printing speeds of up to 200 mm/sec (8 ips) at 203 dpi

–       Taken Sensor™ prevents the next label to be printed until the current label has been removed to prevent jamming

–       Special paper path design and an automatic guillotine cutting system

–       Easy toolless replacement of TPH, Platen Roller, and Auto Cutter

–       IP23 ratings and built-in SMPS delivers water resistant operation

–       Selectable media width: 40 / 58 / 80 mm (partitions supported)

–      Paper Saving Mode and specialized back-feed function 


BIXOLON’s Linerless Printer Lineup

–            XL5-40, 4-inch Linerless Printer

–          SRP-S200, 2-inch Linerless Printer 

–          SRP-S300 Series, 3-inch Linerless Printers

BIXOLON provides a range of Linerless Printers to meet your needs in even the most demanding environments. To find out more about BIXOLON’s LinerlessPro™ technology, visit www.Bixoloneu.com or speak to your local BIXOLON sales representative.


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