Label Artist™ Mobile, Free-Of-Charge Label Design Mobile Application

Since the introduction of just-in-time delivery, asset management and even internet sales, labelling has become essential in various industries such as logistics, retail and warehouse management. With many companies under pressure to improve the documentation and tracking throughout all areas of the business, many are focusing their efforts on the label design incorporating information such as 1D/2D barcodes, ID and text to collect data and reduce costs. 

Recognising this need for label customisation, BIXOLON has incorporated Label Artist Mobile, a free-of-charge label design mobile application into its menu of label printer software add-ons. Compatible with a portfolio of BIXOLON printers including SLP-TX400, SLP-TX420, SLP-DX420, SRP-E770III, SLP-DL410, SLP-TX220, SLP-DX220 desktop labelling solutions and the SPP-L3000 mobile label printer.

Label ArtistTM Mobile

A label design mobile application which allows users to easily edit and print labels from their chosen iOS™ or Android™ device to a BIXOLON printer using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. USB connection is also supported for Android™ devices.

Compatible with BIXOLON’s complete label printer line-up, Label Artist™ Mobile provides a range of label design functions including;

–      Simple label design functions including editing text, barcode, image printing

–      Providing various pre-designed, modifiable label formats, such as warning and event image labelling collection options.

–      Database utilizing Labelling (Auto count functionality)

–      Available through Google PlayTM and App Store®

Learn more about the free-of-charge PC software options

 Label ArtistTM II

Label design software for Windows PC allows users to easily design, edit and print labels from their PC to a BIXOLON printer using USB.

–      Labelling program supporting editing text, barcode and image printing

–      Database utilizing Labelling (Auto count functionality), plus label reprint and stored editing functionality

–      Available through BIXOLON website

Bartender UltraLite ® for BIXOLON

Label design software for Windows PC designed by Seagull™. This free-of-charge basic version of the software is designed for BIXOLON printer users to easily edit and print labels using USB connectivity.

 –      Windows OS and Seagull drivers are required

–      Available in pre-designed, modifiable label formats

–      Easy to add graphics

–      Supporting data inputting peripherals such as scanners

–      Bartender UltraLite Available through BIXOLON and Seagull’s website

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