Italian Fiscal Labelling Challenge Solved by BIXOLON and Kykod SRL

Forward-Thinking Software Integrator Develops Successful Fiscal Labelling Solution

for the Italian POS Integration Market

Dusseldorf, 29 April 2024 – BIXOLON Europe GmbH, a subsidiary of BIXOLON, the global manufacturer of advanced receipt, label, and mobile printers, is pleased to announce its printing solutions have been developed as part of a solution with Kykod SRL and EIA SRL to enable Italian retailers to meet national fiscal law reporting needs.

The law requires retailers to adopt electronic Point-of-Sale (POS) machines that have the capability to make automated daily transaction reports to the tax authorities. Moreover, all electronic hardware use must be approved and specifically identifiable with specialist labels featuring a QR code with unique fiscal data relating to that commercial business, and a pre-printed governmental ʻAgenzia delle entrate’ coloured logo. The two solutions comprise of portable BIXOLON thermal transfer label printers, a 2D scanner and specialised firmware. By using these solutions, retailers can meet Italian fiscal law requirements easily and accurately.

Meeting Italian Fiscal Law Requirements

Kykod SRL is a successful software integrator based in Southern Italy, founded in 2005. It specialises in barcode and retail technology solutions within retail, hospitality, and the public sector, as well as the healthcare and ticketing industries. Kykod’s mission is to provide and implement successful technology solutions for operators, software houses and system integrators in the IT sector.

In Italy, in order to comply with Italian fiscal law, most retailers are now required to adopt electronic POS machines, that have the capability to make automated daily transaction reports to the tax authorities. In January 2021, the authorities tightened their policies to bring in an additional requirement: that all electronic hardware must be approved and specifically identifiable with a specialist label featuring a QR code, coupled with unique fiscal data relating to that commercial business, and a pre-printed ʻAgenzia delle entrate’ coloured logo.

Kykod identified that this new addition to the fiscal law requirements created difficulties for Cash Register Installers. This was because it meant that these Cash Register Installers ideally required a means to print these official labels while at the commercial premises for an installation. They also required the ability to clearly print readable unique QR codes onto hardwearing polypropylene (PLP) labels with specific dimensions, which came with pre-printed coloured logos. In order to meet this requirement, Kykod set about developing a compact 2-inch printing solution which could work with a mobile application to easily print labels to meet the Italian government fiscal law requirements.

Portable Solution Kits Provide a Solution

To solve this problem, Kykod consulted with the solution provider EIA SRL and carried out Android app development in order to explore and develop a solution. Kykod then came up with two portable solution kits that comprise of the following technology: BIXOLON SLP-TX220 2-inch (58mm) thermal transfer label printers, a 2D scanner and specialised firmware.

The first portable solution kit consisted of the BIXOLON SLP-TX220G thermal transfer desktop label printer, connected via a RS232 port to a 2D barcode scanner with custom firmware. This solution allowed the scanner, when reading the QR code, to communicate with the printer sending ZPL commands to format the label printing as required by law.

The second portable solution kit included the BIXOLON SLP-TX220BG thermal transfer Bluetooth label printer. This printer works alongside a specialised app that can be installed onto smart devices that can receive a QR code image (by email, WhatsApp, A.s.o), transforming the content into real data, and forwarding it via Bluetooth to the printer using SLCS commands to format and print the label. The app could also be used to scan a QR code on screens or papers using the device’s camera function.

Both kits are very lightweight and can be easily carried by an installer in a small bag. They do require access to power to function. No computers or other connections are involved.


The printing kits have proven successful for Cash Register Installers throughout Italy. Installers are using the solutions daily on site to instantly produce high quality and hardwearing labels featuring unique QR codes that conform with Italian government fiscal laws. These practical, compact, transportable solutions have also improved customer relations between installers and their customers as any labelling issues can be rectified instantly onsite boosting the productivity of site visits, while reducing additional label preparation prior to an appointment.

Roberto Mancuso, Kykod SRL says, “Both kits have been highly successful within the Italian market among various solutions. While the law is still active, Italian installers are using the kits daily to label cash registers in the field.”

Marco Aureggi, EIA SRL says, “Italian Cash Register Installers asked for a ʻMobile Solution’ which could easily be used onsite during installations to print hardwearing PLP labels, preferably in colour. We recommended hardware which found a middle ground; which although not technically portable, its transportable while being able to print hardwearing thermal transfer labels using a Resin Ribbon which extends the life of the label as requested by law.”

“We’re pleased to see how Kykod is solving the challenge of meeting Italian fiscal law requirements within retail scenarios through developing a compelling solution that BIXOLON can be part of,” says Jay Kim, Managing Director, BIXOLON Europe GmbH. “Our printers are designed with flexibility in mind, as well as the capabilities to integrate well with other systems. This has been an interesting project to be a part of and we look forward to supporting Kykod and the Italian market as it faces up to meeting Italian fiscal law requirements.”  

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