Date Published: September 25, 2017

Moscow Russia 8 april 2017. Women hold visa gold card and use ipad for online shopping.

There was a large, unexpected change in the way people performed many tasks after April 2010.  Apple had been working on the tablet computer for quite some time.  They already had a history of bringing huge changes to the marketplace and consumers by releasing the iPhone in June, 2007. At the time of the iPad’s release, no-one predicted the value of the device and the many uses it would find in home entertainment, but also in business. Adding an iPad POS printer has made the tablet that much more useful.

How often do you now go into restaurants, bars and even some retail establishments and find the service people managing your orders or checkout with an iPad POS printer in use?  It happens more and more often due to the technology’s portability and computing power.  Added to that is the growth of peripheral products that make their use across functions more efficient.

Seven years later, iPads are found in tens of millions of homes around the world, but also in more and more businesses as time goes on.  The tablet computer has become one of Apple’s most successful products. It plays an ever-growing role in many businesses and provides a better way to conduct training, manage logistics and offer a point of sale (POS) capability that few other novel devices can touch.

It is the iOS system that runs the device that is the reason for its success.  The system was perfected for the iPhone, and then modified wonderfully for the larger screen of the iPad. This has made it a superb device for a great many uses.

Bixolon is a leading manufacturer of portable printers for a great many uses. With the propagation of the iPad into restaurants, logistics companies and many more industries, we put a great deal of effort into the development software that comes with our printers. We now offer a range of iPad POS printers that are completely compatible with iOS so that they will work ideally with your iPad or iPhone.

Luckily, we did feel that restaurants, retailers and professional services organisations would take on these devices for use in providing a better, more portable service.  The demand for accessories which worked in tandem with iPads are using the iPad to take orders and a large number of logistic companies utilise the iPhone to track inventory and deliveries.  The linking up of the devices with a portable printer allows for quick, on-location sending of orders to a product preparation area, provision of receipts, printed records of delivery, or just about anything else than must be printed. All of this improves efficiency and customer service levels.

iPads and their accompanying software also allow businesses to track inventories in real time. This provides greater control over cash flow, and more accurate controls over stock. This saves large sums of money, particularly within businesses handling multiple locations. It also improves customers’ experience by ensuring that the products desired will be in stock when they want it.

At this point in time, it is probable that you’ve used an iPad to accomplish something either as a provider or recipient of service. You can be assured that your customers have had the same experience.

You can learn more about BIXOLON’s range of iPad POS printers on our web page today and see the improved efficiency they offer to your staff. Many of our POS printers have thermal printing and card reading built in. You can be certain that you’ll find a printer perfect for your business.  Please feel free to call our European team on +49-211-68-78-54-0 and they will learn more about your business and your specific needs in order to advise the perfect printer for you.