Insights from EuroShop 2023: BIXOLON Discusses Company Update and Shares the Drivers of Its Ongoing Success

While exhibiting at Europe’s largest retail show, EuroShop 2023, Annette Carr, Senior European Marketing Manager at BIXOLON Europe GmbH, chatted with show organisers discussing how the past year has been for BIXOLON and shared what the company feel are the big drivers for their ongoing success.

As Carr sums up, “The last 12 months have gone very well. We’ve seen real market traction post-covid which has led to an increase in sales globally across our entire product range. This combined with the fact that we have made a number of really exciting new product launches in label, POS, and mobile. This has led to unprecedented increased demand which has triggered our Head Office to invest further in our manufacturing facility where we’re going to be nearly doubling our output within the next 12 months.”

She also goes onto highlighting factors leading to BIXOLON’s ongoing success, including the company’s commitment to innovation and its ability to adapt to changing market needs, and can be attributed to four main drivers.

To find out about these main drivers and more watch the full interview.


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