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In recent years, thanks to its leading role in the global Tourism market, Hospitality has become one of the key drivers of the European economy, making it one of the largest socio-economic activity in the EU. From bars and hotels to travel and recreation, the industry is constantly evolving.


With the pressure of centralised customer experiences, the requirement for printing technology is excelling at a fast pace to link together different areas of the hospitality industry which would previously be independent. Allowing the tracking, monitoring and sharing of information for the smooth running of its business operations.


Connectivity plays a key factor in augmenting enterprises, with Hospitallers moving away from traditional Serial and Parallel connectivity allowing printing from only fixed stations to Ethernet and wireless options for transferable sophisticated mPOS printing solutions.


BIXOLON’s experience producing a range of Hospitality receipt, kiosk, label and linerless labelling solutions have globally enabled customers to streamline their operations and make a number of cost saving updates to their businesses.


Benefits of using BIXOLON Printing Solutions in Hospitality


1. Connecting with other areas of the business

• Centralised EPOS systems allow for printers and screens to be used for different activities within the business

• Ideal for ticketing, kiosks, kitchen printing, bar ticket printing, receipting, takeaway online food ordering and preparation labelling

• Support for online ordering through B-gate, BIXOLON’s mPOS Hub solution

• Expanding sales with cloud printing support

• Compatibility with all major operating systems

Applicable Products:

SRP-Q300 SeriesSLP-DX220SRP-275lll and SRP-S300


2. Reducing errors in busy environments

• Using an epos system can cut errors and downtime in busy hospitality environments

• Removing the use of pen and paper, orders can be clearly printed and sent directly to the relevant areas of preparation/production

• Standalone kiosks can provide additional support and provide precise ticketing, QR codes and text printouts

Applicable Products:

SRP-330IISRP-350plusIIISRP-F310II and BK3-31


3. Table ordering/payment

• Enhanced accessibility

• Portable printing devices for table management

• Compatibility with payment solutions

• BIXOLON’s flexible payment printer with mobile printer sledge and compatible third-party Pin Entry Devices (PED) allows for accessible table payment

Applicable Products:

SPP-R200IIISPP-A200SRP-330II and SRP-E300


4. Easy Reporting

• Tracking sales/productivity throughout the day aids end of day reporting and spot trends allowing efficient business management

Applicable Products:

SRP-380SRP-350III, SRP-330plusIII and SPP-R410


5. Upgradable hardware features

• Cost efficiency to maintain and upgrade assets

• B-gate solution allows for easy EPOS upgrade without having to replace all existing peripherals

• Highly reliable printers and accessories

Applicable Products:

SRP-Q300, RTS-300, BCD-3000 and B-gate


To find out more about BIXOLON’s range of highly successful Hospitality printing solutions, visit or speak to your local BIXOLON Sales Representative.


BIXOLON will be exhibiting at EuroShop 2020, stand Halle 6/I42 from 16-20 February 2020. Showcasing its complete range of Label, Mobile and POS printing solutions and accessories for a range of applications to suit any budget from omni-channel retail to unified commerce, food preparation, to logistics delivery labelling and more.


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