From Closet to Customer: Navigating Shipping Labels on Your Favourite Consumer Apps

There has been a surge in popularity of pre-loved consumer apps such as Vinted and Depop in Europe who offer users a unique space to buy and sell second-hand items. But what sets them apart is the independence they offer users during the shipping process. Unlike traditional models, pre-loved apps empower sellers to take control of the entire shipping experience. From generating and printing labels to selecting carriers and packaging methods, users enjoy a newfound autonomy to ensure their items reach their destination quick and safely. This shift towards user-centric shipping not only streamlines the selling process but also contributes to the overall appeal of these apps, providing a sense of ownership and control which resonates with the diverse community of sellers and buyers alike.

How can items be shipped?

Home Printing

Users can print at their convenience at home to generate shipping labels directly from their personal devices. This provides accessibility and ease to use making it a popular option for many users.

Kiosks in Convenience Stores

Kiosks within convenience stores provides flexibility for sellers who don’t have access to home printers. It provides a physical location to print and then hand over parcels for pickup.

Cashier printing to a Mobile Printer

Some retailers allow users to pass their shipping details to the cashier via a scannable QR or barcode, who then prints the label using a mobile printer. It adds a layer of convenience for users who may not have smart devices who prefer a hands-on approach.

Mobile App Printing

Some apps offer the option to generate and print labels directly from the mobile application. This is ideal for users who prefer an all-on-one solution through their smartphones.

Third-party Print Services

Some users may opt to use third-party printing services to generate and print shipping labels. These are useful for individuals without access to printers or kiosks.

How can BIXOLON printers can be utilised for printing shipping labels

BIXOLON is a leading provider of innovative printing solutions, known for their high-quality mobile and desktop label printers which are suitable for various applications from kiosk labelling to mobility printing.

Compatible with all major platforms, BIXOLON printers can seamlessly integrate into different applications for a smooth printing experience.

Mobile Label Printers
Celebrated as the World’s Number One Mobile Receipt Printer Manufacturer for the past decade, BIXOLON offers a comprehensive range of 2-inch, 3-inch and 4-inch mobile receipt, ticket and label printing solutions. Including the premium XM7 series featuring 2-inch (58mm), 3-inch (80mm) and 4-inch (112mm) mobile Linerless and linered label printers with RFID print and encode capabilities.  Plus printers such as the SPP-R200plusIII 2-inch (58mm), SPP-L310 3-inch (80mm) and SPP-L410 4-inch (112mm) Linerless label and receipt mobile printer which offers slower volume receipt, Linerless and liner label printing.


  • Mobility for on-the-go printing, compact designs for easy handling
  • Wireless connectivity for seamless integration with smart devices
  • Ability to print from either liner or Linerless stock media (model dependant) providing both traditional and environmentally friendly printing options

Desktop Label Printers
BIXOLON desktop label printers offer a range of print technologies from the XD3-40 and XD5-40 4-inch (114mm) series Direct Thermal and Thermal transfers printers. To the XL5-40 4-inch (114mm) dedicated desktop Linerless label printer and the XD5-40tR 4-inch (118mm) Thermal Transfer desktop RFID label printer with UHF RFID encode and print capabilities more in-depth tracking. Plus, the XQ-840 4-inch (118mm) label printer with built in tablet and camera for easy scanning and printing capabilities.


  • High speed printing and efficiency for bulk label printing
  • Suitable for users with a dedicated shipping or office setups
  • Compact and ease to integrate with tablets and smart devices for simple user printing
  • Desktop Label printers can also be used as part of a kiosk printing setup


Compatible with all major platforms including Windows™, iOS™ or Android™. BIXOLON’s printers are complimented with a comprehensive range of SDK’s which support developer application integration. Alternatively, BIXOLON offers its own development apps such as the BIXOLON mPrintwhich gives users the ability to print documentation from the web. These support tools allow BIXOLON printers to seamlessly integrate into different applications for a smooth printing experience.

To find out more about BIXOLON’s label printing solutions, visit or contact your local BIXOLON sales representative.

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