Fiscal Printing – Adapting to Regional Printing Requirements with BIXOLON


It is estimated between 750 and 900 billion euros is lost through tax evasion every year throughout EU countries.


Globally governments are constantly tackling issues to do with tax evasion. Many countries have now brought in fiscal laws to prevent retailer fraud. It ensures that mandatory VAT transactions are reported through receipts and paid correctly paid to the authorities. Although fiscal laws and how they run differ with each country, these laws cover how the electronic cash register should work, how data should be saved and reported, plus how and when it should be done.

What Printing Options Are Available Today?

Fiscal Printers and other Memory Devices

A Fiscal printer is a receipt printer which include a fiscal memory module. The module records every transaction for easy reporting of tax owed to a country while printing a carbon copy for the customer.

Other fiscal memory devices also exist including fiscal cash registers and electronic signature devices. Alternatively, an external fiscal mechanism could also be used which connects a regular receipt printer within a POS terminal. It supports the printing of documents and the auto backup of tax records. With many options on the market, all pieces of equipment must be certified by the local governments and connect to POS terminals to provide accurate reporting.

Fiscal Software

Alternatively, some countries have opted for fiscal tracking software, taking away need for a fiscal memory module from the hardware and has opted for third party software to work in conjunction with the POS printer and terminal. These types of software record every transaction and create a fiscal log which is stored in the cloud but can also provide a physical receipt. This specialised software allows instant access to transactions while being used with general POS hardware reducing additional costs for updating an entire estate.


BIXOLON offers a complete range of POS printers to work in conjunction with fiscal mechanisms or third-party software. Key printers include.

SRP-350plusV – Industry Leading 3-inch (80mm) direct thermal POS receipt printer

  • Producing 180dpi and 203dpi receipts, barcodes and images at up to 400mm/sec
  • Fully compatible with Blue4est® blue receipt paper with Visibility Intelligence™ to switch between blue and white media
  • Paper saving functionality of up to 25% – with 3 compression levels through unified utility
  • Offering a range of connectivity options including USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth, WLAN, Parallel or Serial

SRP-330III – Cost effective, highly reliable 3-inch (80mm) direct thermal POS receipt printer

  • Printing at speeds of up to 250mm/sec with either 180dpi or 203dpi for high quality text, graphics and barcodes
  • Supporting easy paper loading and optional paper guide for auto-switching between 2-inch (58mm) and 3-inch (80mm) width media
  • Offering a range of connectivity options including USB, Ethernet, Parallel or Serial

SRP-Q300 Series – Ultra-compact, 3-inch (80mm) cube thermal POS receipt printer

  • Front-exit printing to free up counter space and compliment the latest mPOS system
  • Printing at speeds of up to 220mm/sec with 180dpi or 203dpi print resolution
  • Offering a range of connectivity options including USB, Ethernet, WLAN, Bluetooth, Parallel or Serial.
  • Available in differing configurations including a battery powered printer, mPOS hub printer, traditional cube printer and the cost-effective entry-level printer

For more information on regional fiscal printing options contact your local BIXOLON Sales Representative or visit

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