Discover a Better Mobile Solution for Law Enforcement

Keeping officers safe while in the field is a high priority for police departments. Mobile printing solutions provide law enforcement with a solution to keep up with the demands of modern police work and allow officers to print on the go no matter the situation. Equipping officers with a mobile printer can help to replace error prone and manual writing practices allowing officers to spend less at risk of danger.

Mobilise the workforce with durable and reliable mobile printers for law enforcement activities including:

– Issue various citations (traffic, parking, permit) on-the-go within minutes

– Eliminate manual errors on paperwork

– Seamless data exchange with patrolling offices

Recommended BIXOLON mobile printers: The XM7 series, a premium range of 2-inch, 3-inch, and 4-inch mobile label printers provide full receipting and labelling capabilities with industrial class functions and durability. Specifically, the XM7-40 4-inch mobile label printer can print a range of liner and linerless media in the most demanding environments. Constructed to resist wear-and-tear of everyday use, it’s ergonomically designed and easy to carry with one hand for maximum productivity. The XM7-30, 3-inch mobile label printer, supporting highly reliable connectivity and print quality. Enabling hassle-free auto pairing with smart devices, while supporting a variety of user convenience features such as power delivery charging and data communication through USB Type-C® cable. Additionally, the XM7-20 is a compact, yet rugged 2-inch premium level mobile label printer and the SPP-R200III 2-inch mobile receipt printer is a preferred choice for narrow format receipt and ticket issuance.

Documentation & Records Management

– Efficiently track police reports, court records or other government documents

– Accurately print evidence and shipping labels

– Manage accident and crime scene investigations

Recommended BIXOLON mobile printer: The SPP-L410 4-inch mobile label printer offers performance and reliability in a rugged, easy to carry design. It offers a suite of features and utilities to make printer setup, use and ongoing management a simple task. Additionally, the SPP-L310 3-inch mobile label printer features a choice of wired or wireless connectivity. It can operate outside under cold weather conditions at -15°C. Optimised for field operations, the one touch cover open for easy paper loading and detachable media holder supporting 5 media widths adds to the user-friendly design.

BIXOLON’s mobile printers offer unmatched reliability and provide secure printing technologies for police officials. Contact us today to learn more about our range of mobile printing solutions.

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